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We power brand promotions with turnkey solutions for exhibition stall designs and portable displays used for exhibitions, conferences, trade fairs, events and brand activations. With over two decades of operational experience, we have solidified our status as the most-established exhibition stand company across India with offices in cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru, helping you increase your return on investment from exhibitions.

Our skilled exhibition stall designers create unique concepts considering your brand’s essence to help you pull the biggest crowds. Our in-house manufacturing, printing, and graphics execution capacity means your exhibition stall is sent to you without any hassle.

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Get Access to the Best Exhibition Stand Designers in India

Browse through our portfolio for a collection of high quality exhibition stands that have garnered tremendous attention at exhibitions. Over the years, we have built exhibition stalls for the biggest companies in India, and their trust testifies to our hold on the entire process.

What makes us stand out is attention to detail and fast response. Our starting point will be your brief. Whether you want ample space for product display, meeting areas, storage, or anything else—we can do it for you.

We understand that you are making a tremendous investment; besides, your presence is at stake. So, we build your stall with the utmost care.

We are your end-to-end exhibition stand constructor that has the entire process taken care of, starting with design and ending with installation and logistics. It does not matter where your exhibition is; we have everything covered. This full service frees you to focus on showcasing your brand effectively without worrying about your exhibition stall.



Building a custom stall from scratch, or customizing a modular stall, we do it all. And, we do it well!

Custom Exhibition Stall Design and Build

We align creativity with your space and marketing strategy helping you with each step of the process. As a full-service exhibition stand company, our complete solutions for custom exhibition stalls, backed by rich experience, help you get the right exhibition stall design at the right place, time, and a competitive budget. ...Our in-house exhibition stall designers understand the specific needs of different industries. After getting a detailed briefing from you, they will create concepts that are aligned with your objectives. Once you finalize a concept, an experienced execution team will take it over. This team plans and executes the entire exhibition stall from design to bringing it to reality. In some complex cases, we create a scaled model of the exhibition stall to walk you through it and make any last-minute changes..


Portable Modular Exhibition Solutions

Do you have multiple exhibitions in a year? Our portable and modular exhibition stalls will work best for you. No need to spend on multiple exhibition stalls. You can reconfigure one modular system to suit the space you are exhibiting in. Modular exhibition stalls are reusable, resulting in zero wastage. We have a range of high-quality and reliable pre-engineered systems to cater to your specific requirements. ...Our team is trained and especially skilled to use modular systems and build exhibition stalls that have a customized look and feel but a standardized structure as the backbone. Once a stall design for the exhibition is made based on a detailed brief from you, a pre-show build-up is done at our facility before printing the graphics. This enables you review the stall and tweak the design wherever necessary and possible. Once the design is finalized and graphics are printed, the entire exhibition stall is packed in dedicated carry cases and dispatched to the exhibition ground.

Brand Activations and Displays

Power your BTL marketing activities with engaging brand activations and displays. The versatile setups are adaptable, helping you create the ultimate brand experience that will connect with your customers across locations. These setups are pre-engineered, reusable, easy to set up, and portable, making brand activation campaigns easy, convenient and cost-effective. ...We have designed brand activation setups to be highly adaptable, you can change the layout and graphics to suit your location. There’s no need to incur any additional labour charge for installation. We can help you with malls, campuses, dealerships, and society brand activations. The multiple applications of a single brand activation setup spreads the costs, and the expense per location/event comes down significantly. When it comes to brand activations, we can help you with design, production, and distribution.


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What’s in it for you?

Cutting-edge Fabrication

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Mumbai, Haridwar and Gurugram are equipped with European technology standards and ensure the highest quality for your stalls and activations, affirming our reputation as a premier exhibition company in India.

End-to-end Project Management

Benefit from the expertise of our skilled project managers, who use leading project management systems to ensure your event unfolds without a hitch, reinforcing our status as a leading exhibition company.

Installation & Dismantling

Beautifully made stalls, if not installed properly or on time can be futile. Hence, we provide installation and dismantling services for custom stalls. We will handle all the challenges related to I&D, giving you ample freedom to focus on creating an exceptional exhibition presence.

Storage & Logistics Services

Our storage facilities are spread across key locations in India to give you peace of mind so that you can focus on more important matters—growing your business. You can rest assured that your exhibition stall will reach its destination safely and on time.

Global Reach

Is the world your playground for marketing? If you are participating in a show outside India, we can provide complete solutions for your overseas exhibition stall. Insta-Group is proud to have our own subsidiary companies at key strategic locations in Europe and USA.

Bespoke Stall Designs


Our expert designers create bespoke 3D designs that merge functionality with aesthetic appeal, ensuring your exhibition stand is a true reflection of your brand, making us your most reliable exhibition stand.

Want to create an experience that your visitors will remember?

FAQ's on Exhibition Stall Design

Yes, we have our own studio with designers that you can seek advice from. Our services range from advice on exhibition stall design and free 3D designs through the entire process we guide you correctly, and hold your hand till your exhibition stall is built.

It is also possible for us to create the exhibition stall design for your exhibition. Based on your briefing, and requirements, we shall make a 3D exhibition stall presentation for you. This forms the basis of further refinements and adjustments on the way to your modular or customized exhibition stall.

We ensure, through our exhibition stall designs, that your desired message is conveyed loud and clear in a contemporary, original way. Every concept, design and delivery with us is unique. Everything is perfectly planned and because we have all the facilities in house, it helps us to work efficiently, swiftly and precisely.

What are the objectives of exhibition stall design?

The goal of your presentation or participation in an exhibition should translate into the layout and design of the exhibition stall. If your objective is to meet potential customers and convert them into clients then you must highlight your company/products USPs clearly. A great stall design helps to set you apart from the competition.

Tips for exhibition stall design:

  1. An exhibition stall must be conspicuous and clutter free.
  2. An exhibition stall should carry the company’s core message clearly.
  3. An exhibition stall must be attainable, remember build up time in exhibitions are fixed.
  4. An exhibition stalls, interiors, product display and signage must be in harmony.
  5. An exhibition stalls Position is crucial so that it stands apart from a distance.
  6. Dedicated storage space for promotional material, food etc. is essential in your exhibition stall.
  7. Factor in the constraints related to the stall design and construction.

Yes, we have a large image bank with thousands of photos and illustrations. It can be searched by topic. Ideal if you do not have a good photo or illustration for your exhibition stall, exhibition booth or presentation wall.

Advantages of the Insta Exhibitions Photo Bank for your exhibition stall design:

  • Colossal offer: choose from millions of photos from all over the world.
  • Technically, it is often of high quality and resolution.
  • Numerous search options: key words, theme, color, etc.
  • Relatively low cost per photo, compared to a private photo shoot.
  • Direct result: the photos are ready to use thus saving time and resources.

By accessing photo banks you save a lot of time, effort and cut out the cost and effort of a photo shoot. Stock photos are pictures that we buy the rights of on behalf of our clients. For more information please contact Insta Exhibitions.

Note: Using copyrighted pictures from the Internet is illegal!

We will be more than happy to design your exhibition stalls and booths. We need a brief from your end with your wish list for the exhibition stall. Based on your brief, our designers will create a 3D stall design presentation for you. This will form the base of your booth design, following adjustments and refining the design as per your needs, the next step will be converting the design into your modular or customized exhibition stall.

To create a stall design and convert it into a fabulous exhibition stall please contact Insta Exhibitions.

It’s difficult to say, as each customized stall design and exhibition stall is unique, depending on all factors such as kind of design and material used in the exhibition stall, an average of 10 days is the minimum timeframe for execution and delivery.

It is always wise to contact your advisor from Insta Exhibitions; they will plan and schedule your project to ensure that your deadline is met all the time, every time.

Ace 3D stall designers at Insta Exhibitions using the latest software will readily create a 3D presentation for your exhibition stall, and the best thing is this service is provided absolutely free to our clients.

How does this work?

Our Business Development team will meet you and take a detailed brief about your upcoming exhibition. They will discuss and understand all your requirement and goals for participating in a particular exhibition. Based on this detailed interaction our stall designing team shall design your exhibition stall and give you a 3D presentation of the exhibition stall. Our team will walk you through the entire digital exhibition stall, once you approve the design and the various elements in it including graphics, our exhibition stall builder will commence production, thus ensuring a perfect end product.

The panels and graphics of an exhibition booth or exhibition stalls wall design are also available separately printed based on a new design. This helps you to quickly change the look of your exhibition stall and assures flexibility.

Do you have a new corporate identity or a new marketing campaign?

You do not have to replace your entire exhibition system; only the fabric or graphic panel needs to be changed. These costs almost half compared to an absolutely new wall /system.

Please contact Insta Exhibitions for more exciting and cost saving solutions.

Insta Exhibitions maintains a ready stock of all its modular exhibition booth kits. The delivery schedule depends on the size and number of graphics to be used. The minimum time required, to deliver a modular exhibition booth kit is ten days after the booth design is approved and order placed.

It is always advisable to contact the client service team at Insta Exhibitions, for an accurate delivery schedule.

Insta Exhibitions will be more than happy to give you a detailed presentation of the exhibition booth kits and also guide you in making the right choice while purchasing a modular exhibition booth kit most suitable for your purpose.

For a free presentation, please contact Insta Exhibitions.

Insta Exhibitions provides free training to all its clients on the erection, dismantling and maintenance of the modular exhibition booth kits. We also advise you on how to use the modular exhibition booth kits optimally to your advantage.

For a free training session, please contact Insta Exhibitions.

Insta Exhibitions manufactures all its modular exhibition booths at its in-house manufacturing facilities in India, Germany and USA. Insta Exhibitions has three manufacturing factories in India and one each in Europe and USA.

For more information on our manufacturing capabilities, please contact Insta Exhibitions.

Custom Exhibition stalls or custom exhibition booths are tailor made exhibition booths, built to specific needs of the exhibitor. These are often preferred for large exhibition booth areas by MNC’s and major corporate who are not bound by exhibition budget constraints.

Shell scheme exhibition booths are least expensive. They typically consist of exhibition booth area with essential but very basic elements such as partition walls and a single fascia. A row of such identical exhibition booths are pre-built and sold as a shell scheme package. It is up to the exhibitor if he wants to add design elements like his company graphics and display equipments.

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Want to create an experience that your visitors will remember?