Who are we?

Insta Worldwide Group is a trusted exhibition stand partner for over 2 decades. We’ve been at the forefront of this industry in India,providing aesthetic and functional custom exhibition stands for events like exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, and brand activations.

Endorsed by an impressive clientele of Fortune 500 and other major global corporations, we have earned their trust with our relentless commitment to excellence. Our experience in exhibition stand design and construction, combined with our project management capabilities, creates an experiential marketing journey that gets as smooth as it can be.

Our strength lies in crafting innovative exhibition environments while managing every aspect of the process, making each exhibition not just a memory but a memorable experience!

Why choose us?

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Our promise!

At our core, we’re exhibition stand builders – creating your brand’s physical narrative. Each stand, a precision-engineered promise, ensures complete assistance at every step. We’re the architects behind your brand’s footprint, crafting impeccable stands that resonate with your vision.

Our promise to you? We’re all in. From the first idea of design to the delivery of final product, we’re with you, using our skills to create a stand or event that grabs attention, starts conversations, and makes connections.

We’re all about quality. We build carefully, ensuring our stands can handle even the busiest events.

Count on us, not just as a vendor, but as a partner. We turn your ideas into a stand you can touch and see. With us, every interaction is more than just a meeting; it’s a step towards success.

Exhibition in India? We have got you covered!

With Insta Worldwide Group, geography is no barrier to quality. Our presence includes three manufacturing facilities in Vasai, Haridwar, and Delhi NCR. These centers are fitted with cutting-edge machineries, such as dye sublimation printing and CNC cutting machines capable of producing premium exhibition stands.

What’s more, our digital print setup stands among the largest and most progressive in the industry, with a proven track record of delivering high-definition graphics. All these assets underscore our unwavering promise: wherever you are in India, we have the capability to bring exceptional, high-quality exhibition stands right to your doorstep.

Our Journey -Never stopped moving!

Our Journey

Meet our powerhouse: The Insta worldwide team

The Management team comprises of experienced professionals with diverse background all put together an organized team that ensures quality, customer service and delivery.

Our team of 600+ people includes architects, engineers, ITI-trained manpower, and over 30 experienced designers from leading design schools.

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