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You may have come across buzzwords like modular stands, reconfigurable designs, CreeyaTM, Expo PrestigeTM, Brand Activation, and more, without fully understanding what they mean. Don’t worry! We are here to break down these terms. With our expertise in creating captivating and innovative display solutions, we’ll help you stand out from the competition and leave a lasting impression on your target audience. Get ready to discover why our services are worth your investment.

Insta Group corporate profile

Insta Exhibitions has been a leader in exhibition stalls and custom-built solutions with two decades of experience. We design creative custom stalls and versatile modular stands that are perfect for brand activations, events, conferences, and exhibitions. Whether you’re in India or any other part of the world, discover why we’re the best exhibition stand company. Come check us out!

Brand activation solutions

At Insta Group, we help brands generate consumer interest and loyalty with our portable brand activation kits. Our innovative designs ensure that brands engage effectively with their target audience. Our BTL activation kits are durable, modular, portable, reusable, and sustainable in nature, making brand activations effortless for companies.

Expo PrestigeTM – The most convenient & easy-to-use modular portable exhibition stall

Easily switch between a corner stand, shell scheme, or island stand with Expo PrestigeTM. It’s the perfect solution for all your exhibition needs, designed with ease-of-use in mind. The modular design allows for quick and effortless assembly, making it a great option for busy exhibitors who want to save time and resources. Plus, its portable nature means you can easily transport it from one event to the next without any trouble at all!

Brand activation kit using HighlineTM portable displays

Looking for an easy and quick way to install your brand activation kit? Highline™ portable display is your solution! Our anodized aluminum pillars and stylish end caps give your stall a premium look, and you can choose either fabric or vinyl graphics for the perfect background.

Plus, our graphics are interchangeable, so you’ll have a smart reusable display solution for future brand activation events!

Exhibition stand counter using HighlineTM portable displays

The Prestige HighlineTM exhibition stall counter is designed for quick and easy setup, requiring minimal time and effort for installation, even by inexperienced individuals. Club the Highline™ counter with an exhibition stall to create a 100% solution for your next exhibition.

Installation guide for Expo PrestigeTM stand

Expo Prestige™ is the ultimate portable display solution. Its compact, wheeled case makes transportation a breeze – perfect for exhibitors on-the-go!

Check out our video to see just how effortlessly you can set up and dismantle an Expo Prestige™ Stand! Our display system ensures that your stall design is not just unique, but that it’s set up entirely without hassles.

Crossover portable exhibition stall

Looking for a stylish yet functional exhibition display system? Look no further than Crossover™! This unique system can be combined with your existing pop-up display or used as a standalone kiosk to complement your stall, event, or brand activation. With track lights to highlight your graphics and even product shelving, Crossover™ is a must-have for any exhibition.

Unique exhibition stand designs using ExpoPrestige™ modular system

Check out Expo Prestige™ – the innovative modular exhibition stand that can be reconfigured to create a distinct look, no matter what the floor plan is!

Expo Prestige™ is perfect for exhibitions where the floor plans are often dynamic. You’ll save time and money using the same modular stand for your next show, while achieving a one-of-a-kind look.

5 in 1 stall design using Expo Prestige modular exhibition stand

ExpoPrestige™ is perfect for exhibitions, events, conferences and brand activations. Plus, it’s super easy to scale up or down for different floor plans! You can swap out graphics, too, so your stand can look completely unique every time. And best of all? Being portable doesn’t mean it’s wobbly – the ExpoPrestige™ exhibition stand is built to stay sturdy.

Want to create an experience that your visitors will remember?

Xplane platform solution for exhibition stalls

Xplane™ is a revolutionary platform solution from Insta Exhibition Pvt Ltd. Xplane™ comes with height-adjustable base adapters and is perfect for exhibitions and events with uneven grounds. Its unique lock flooring system adds great stability to uneven floors and supports a heavy load.

Xplane™ pre-engineered panels adapt to any exhibition floor size.

Exhibition stand designs from Insta Exhibition

Insta’s portable exhibition stands create contemporary stall designs with pre-engineered parts. The stands are tool-less, 100% modular, and reconfigurable. You can install the stand by yourself or, with the help of unskilled labour, reconfigure parts to create distinct stand designs, transport them easily and reuse them for future exhibitions and events.

Tips for exhibiting in the USA

A comprehensive guide to participating in exhibitions in the USA from Exponents Insta USA Inc., our subsidiary in the USA. Video explains the difference in exhibition practices between the USA and Europe/Asia. It also mentions key tips and pointers on exhibition services and charges in the U.S. and why it is expensive compared to exhibitions in Europe or Asia.

Exhibition display stand using Highline portable display

An easy installation guide for exhibition display stands using Highline™ portable display. This display is effortless to both transport and set up.

The Highline™ exhibition display stand is cost-effective due to reusability.

It is the perfect display solution for exhibitions, trade shows, events, conferences and brand activations.

Modular exhibition stand services for Interroll

Interroll, the Swiss MNC, has been partnering with Expo Display Service, a subsidiary of Insta Worldwide Group, for their exhibition stand services. They value our portable modular stands for exhibitions and conferences. Jens Karolfi, Interroll’s VP of Corporate Marketing, agrees that modular stands are the way to go for experiential marketing in exhibitions.

Portable display counter for events, shows, and exhibitions

The Ultra Portable Counter from Expo Display Service is the ultimate display solution for events, trade shows and exhibitions. It can be easily transported in a lightweight fabric carrying bag, making it ideal for on-the-go use. It sets up in less than 90 seconds.

You can change the counter’s graphic panels for any event and exhibition in the future.

Modular BTL activation kits

Looking for a cost-efficient alternative to expensive and one-time-fabricated activation stands? Modular BTL Activation kits have got you covered! Perfect for mall, corporate or society activations across multiple locations, these kits offer interchangeable graphics to create a unique design each time. Best of all, they’re reusable and packed with tons of accessories such as lighting, counters, product shelves, and more!

Exhibition stall design using Airlite portable display stand

The video showcases exhibition stand design possibilities using  Airlite™ portable display stands. It packs in cases that are easy to carry and transport. Airlite™ stand comes with Swiss technology guarantee. Its cutting-edge design, versatility and user-friendly feature makes it a popular stand solution for exhibitions, events, conferences and brand activations.

Euro Plus tent set-up in less than 100 seconds for outdoor brand activations

Euro Plus can be set up in less than 100 seconds and is perfect for on-the-go activations as it’s 100% portable. The structure is extremely durable and suitable for soft grounds and unstable surfaces.

Plus, branding is done on eco-friendly and weather-proof fabrics, making it super easy to reuse for multiple locations and events.

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Portable counters for exhibition stalls

Looking for a display solution that’s versatile and adds utility to your exhibition stall or portable display kit? Look no further than our counters! Our counters are perfect for showcasing your products, acting as a kiosk or reception counter, or even a dais for your presentations.  The lightweight design lets you set up and dismantle your counters quickly, making it easy to move between events or use across multiple locations.

3-in-1 exhibition design ideas using Creeya custom modular exhibition stands

Creeya™ is a revolutionary exhibition stand from Insta Exhibitions. It can create not just backwalls but rooms and roofs, giving your stand a professional yet contemporary look and feel. It is a custom modular exhibition display due to its multiple customization options. And because it is scalable, its stand design possibilities are myriad. Creeya™ modular exhibition stand is perfect for your exhibitions.

How to set up a Creeya exhibition stand?

A step-by-step guide to setting up an exhibition stand using Creeya™ Modular Display. With Creeya™, you create stand designs that can incorporate meeting rooms and store rooms. Customizable accessories such as brochure stands, counters, graphics, lighting, and LCD can be added to your exhibition stall. These exhibition stands are tool free and 100% modular.

Luminy – The best backlit exhibition stand solution

At Insta Group, we’re excited to offer our exclusive product Luminy- the ultimate backlit exhibition stand solution. Our high-quality designs ensure your brand shines in any exhibition, maximizing your brand visibility and drawing huge crowds to your stand.  All stands are made from lightweight aluminum frames which are easy to assemble and dismantle.