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Exhibition Stand Designs from Insta Exhibitions

See our videos for Unique Exhibition Stand Designs using Insta’s Modular Portable Stands – Airlite™, Creeya™, Highline™ and ExpoPrestige™. Insta’s unique Exhibition Stands create contemporary Stall Designs with Pre- engineered parts. The stands are Tool-less, 100% Modular and Re- configurable, i.e., you can install the stand by yourself or with the help of unskilled labor, reconfigure parts to create distinct stand designs, transport easily and reuse stand for multiple Exhibitions and Events. They fit into your marketing budgets easily and ensure better ROI.

Insta Group Corporate Profile

Established in 2003, Insta Exhibition has over decade experience in Exhibition Stalls & Custom Built Solution. Insta Worldwide Group is an Exhibition Design and Stand Building Company. Our creative Custom Stands and versatile Modular Stands are apt for Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Brand Activations, Events and Conferences.Check out what makes Insta the Best Exhibition Stand company in India and the world at large.

Brand Activation and Experiential Marketing Services and Solutions

Brand activation is one of the crucial means of marketing for brands to stimulate interest and loyalty among consumers. Insta creates and provides modular Brand Activation Kits to enable brands effectively engage their target audience by efficient and innovative space design. The solution that we offer is durable, modular, portable and reusable in nature.

Expo Prestige – Most convenient & easy-to-use modular portable exhibition stall

If you are confused on picking the best exhibition stall for your next show then Expo Prestige is your perfect pick.
The most convenient and easy-to-use modular portable exhibition stall, Expo Prestige ensures to simplify your exhibition stall design & building.

Brand Activation stand using Highline Portable Display

Now self install your Brand Activation Stand within no time using Highline™ Portable Display Solution. Highline™ Display System gives your stand a premium look with its anodized aluminium pillars and stylish end caps.
As Stand Backdrop you can either use fabric or vinyl graphics. Either ways, graphics are interchangeable for future brand activation events creating a smart re-usable display solution.

Exhibition stand design using Highline Portable display from Insta Exhibitions

An easy Installation guide for Exhibition Stand Counter using Highline™ Portable Display. The Highline Exhibition Stand Counter sets up within minutes and can be installed by anybody.
Club the Highline™ counter with a Highline™ Exhibition Stand to create a unique Exhibition Stand Solution for your next trade show which is 100% Modular.

Installation guide for ExpoPrestige stand for Exhibitions and Trade shows

Use ExpoPrestige™ Modular Display System to Create unique Stand Designs for Exhibitions and Trade Shows. ExpoPrestige™ is a Portable Display that packs in a compact wheeled case and is easy to transport.
Check video to see the ease with which an ExpoPrestige™ Stand can be Installed and Dismantled. ExpoPrestige™ Display System ensures your Exhibition Stand Design is not only unique but also sets up without any hassles.

Crossover portable  stand for exhibition stall from Insta Exhibition

Crossover™ is a unique Exhibition Display System that creates Stylish yet functional Exhibition Stalls. It can be combined with your existing pop up display to create a unique hybrid Exhibition Solution.
Crossover™ can also be used as a standalone Kiosk to complement your Exhibition Stand, Event or Brand Activation. It uses track lights to focus on graphics and comes product shelving. Screen mounting, brand colored wings, headers and canopies give your exhibition stand a personalized feel and contemporary look.

Unique Exhibition Stand Designs using ExpoPrestige™ Modular System

Video highlights creative Stand Design possibilities using Insta’s ExpoPrestige™ Modular Exhibition Stand. Your Stall achieves a distinct look each time using this innovative Modular Exhibition Stand.
Expo Prestige™ is apt for Exhibitions, especially Travelling Exhibitions where floor plans are often dynamic. You can use the same modular stand for your next show and yet achieve a distinct look with ExpoPrestige™.
ExpoPrestige™ Re-configurable and Reusable Modular Exhibition Stands from Insta Worldwide Group are best suited for better ROI for your Exhibition Participation.

5 in 1 stall design using Expo Prestige Modular Exhibition Stand

Video demonstates 5 easy set-up Stand Designs using Insta Worldwide Group’s ExpoPrestige™ Exhibition Stand System. ExpoPrestige™ can be scaled to create Exhibition Designs suitable to different floorplans – large scale Exhibitions as well small Activations stands.
Graphics are interchangeable so your stand can have a distinct look each time. Its portable yet steady structure ensures you can use your ExpoPrestige™ Exhibition Stand for future events as well.
ExpoPrestige™ is not only apt for Exhibitions and Trade Shows but also Events, Conferences and Brand Activations.

Xplane platform Solution for Exhibition Stands / exhibition Stalls

Xplane™ is a revolutionary platform solution from Insta Exhibitions. Xplane™ comes with height adjustable base adapters and is perfect for Exhibitions and Events with uneven grounds. Its unique lock flooring system adds great stability to uneven grounds and can support heavy load.
Xplane™ Pre-engineered panels adapt to any Exhibition floor sizes. Artificial flooring such as laminate and carpet give a new dimension to overall look of your Exhibition Stand; And Skirting gives your Stall Design an additional edge.

Exhibition Stand design from Insta Exhibition

See video for Unique Exhibition Stand Designs using Insta’s Modular Portable Stands – Airlite™, Creeya™, Highline™ and ExpoPrestige™.
Insta’s unique Portable Exhibition Stands create contemporary Stall Designs with Pre-engineered parts.The stands are Tool-less, 100% Modular and Re-configurable i.e. you can install the stand by yourself or with the help of unskilled labor, reconfigure parts to create distinct stand designs, transport easily and reuse it for future Exhibitions and Events. They fit into your marketing budgets easily and ensure better ROI.

Tips to Exhibiting in USA

A comprehensive guide to participating in Exhibitions in the USA from Exponents Insta USA Inc. Video explains the differences in Exhibition practices between the USA and Europe/Asia. Key Tips and pointers on Exhibition Services and charges in the U.S. and why is it expensive compared to exhibitions in Europe or Asia are explained.
Exponents is a global subsidiary of Insta Worldwide Group that specializes in Modular Trade Show Exhibition Stands. Exponents Exhibition Stand Systems give better Return On Investment and help cut down expensive Drayage costs. The Exhibition Stand System packs in compact cases and is easy transport and carry along with the Exhibitor. A plethora of accessories can be added to personalize your stand and build functionality.

Modular Exhibition stand solutions from Insta Exhibitions for BTL Activities

Insta’s unique Modular Exhibition Stand Solutions are a cost efficient alternative to expensive one-time-fabricated stands. These are perfect for Below-the-line marketing such as Mall Activation’s that are often multiple venue events that need a temporary set up and can be installed and dismantled within reduced times.
Insta’s Modular Stands consist of Pre-engineered parts which are Re-configurable for multiple venue Mall Activations. Interchangeable graphics give a distinct look and create a unique stand design each time. They are Reusable and can be stored for your next show. Tons of accessories can be added such as Lighting, Counters, Product Shelves, etc. Check out this video.

Exhibition Stall Design Using Airlite Portable display Stand from Insta Exhibitions

The video showcases myriad Exhibition Stand Design possibilities using ExpoPrestige™ Modular Stand System. ExpoPrestige™ Modular Exhibition Stand is fully Customizable and can be Re-configured/Re-used. It packs in Rotomolded cases that are easy to carry and transport.
ExpoPrestige™ comes with the Swiss technology guarantee. Its cutting edge design, attention to detail, versatility and user friendliness makes it a popular Stand Solution for Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Events, Conferences and Brand Activations.

Euro Plus tent set-up in less than 100 seconds for Outdoor Brand Activations

A simple guide to setting up Euro Plus tent for your outdoor activation and campaigns. Euro plus sets up in less than 100 seconds. It is 100% portable for on-to-go activations for your calendar of events.
Euro plus structure is sturdy and apt for soft grounds and unstable surfaces. Branding is done on eco-friendly fabric medium and is weather proof.
Insta Group provides full range services for Exhibitions, Trade shows, Events, Conferences and Brand Activation.

Exhibition Display Stand using Highline Portable Display from Insta Exhibition

An easy installation guide for Exhibition Display Stand using Highline™ Portable Display. The Highline Exhibition Stand is very easy to ship and install. Highline™ Exhibition Display Stand is cost effective due to its advantage of Re-usability.
Highline™ is a perfect Display Solution for Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Events, Conferences and Brand Activations.

Modular exhibition stand services for Interroll from Expo Display Service

Swiss MNC – Interroll speaks about partnering with Expo Display Service- A subsidiary of Insta Worldwide Group for Exhibition Stand Services. Interroll has been a valuable client of Expo Display Service, who uses our creative and Portable Modular Stands for Exhibitions, Events and Conferences.
Jens Karolfi, VP Corporate Marketing (Interroll) agrees that Modular Stands are the way ahead in Experiential Marketing for Exhibitions and Trade shows, and Expo products add value to their Exhibition needs.
Expo Display service products come with Swiss technology guarantee. Its scalability allows Interroll Brand consistency across their marketing activities for Exhibitions and Trade shows. But don’t take our word for it. Check out the video.

Portable Display counter for events , shows, and exhibitions

The ultra Portable Counter from Expo Display Service is the ultimate Display Solution for Events, Trade Shows and Exhibitions. Expo’s twist table counter packs in a lightweight fabric bag and travels with you anywhere. It sets up in less than 90 seconds flat.
The counter not just adds stand design value to your stall but also utility. Interchage the counter’s vinyl graphic panels for any events and exhibitions in the future and ensure optimum cost efficiency for your participation.

Counter the Box : Portable Counter for Exhibition Stand,Exhibition Stall, Exhibition Design

Insta’s Counters add instant utility to your exhibition stall. They can be used for product display, kiosks, as a reception counter or dais for presentations. Counters are a collection of specially designed counters from Insta Exhibition. They offer all above advantages and more. They can be used for practically all events such as exhibitions, brand activations, events, road shows, conferences, etc. Counters not only add utility but complement your exhibition stand design or portable display system.

3 in 1 Exhibition design ideas using Creeya custom Modular Exhibition Stand

Creeya™ is a revolutionary Exhibition Stand from Insta Exhibitions. It can incorporate not just Backwalls but rooms and roofs giving your stand a professtional atmosphere. It is a Custom Modular Exhibition Display due to its multiple customization options. And because it is scalable, Stand Design possibilities are myriad.
Creeya™ modular exhibition stand is perfect for Tradeshows, Exhbitions, Events, Conferences and Brand Activations. Check out this video!

How to set up Creeya exhibition stand for trade shows

Step-by-Step guide to set up an Exhibition Stand using Creeya™ Modular Display. See how a full fledged Exhibition Stall is created using Creeya™ Modular Display Solution.
With Creeya™ you create stand designs with professional atmospheres that can incorporate meeting rooms and store rooms. Customizable accessories such as brochure stands, counters, graphics, lighting, LCD can be added to your exhibition stall. Creeya™ exhbition Stands are tool free and 100% Modular.

Luminy – Best Backlit Exhibition Stand Solution

Insta Group’s exclusive product Luminy is the best backlit Exhibition Stand Solution. We offer high-quality Exhibition Stand Designs that will help your brand shine in any exhibitions and bring you an exceptional Brand Visibility, which will get you high footfall. The meticulously designed Luminy Exhibition and Brand Activation Solution ensures to get you the best results like never before.

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