Audio/visual equipment such as monitors, DVD players, projectors and computers used to demonstrate products and services to trade show attendees.

A supplier of audio/visual equipment and services.

First class condition.

Against All Risks.

Any agreement to purchase goods under specified terms.

Removable panel or section of exhibit to permit access to lamps, projector mechanisms, etc.

Film positive or negative from which silk screens are produced. Also, a family of plastics for light transmission and surface protection.

Solvent and/or adhesive agent for bonding many plastic materials.

The industry association for event coordinators from hotels and convention centers.

Composition board made into squares and placed upon the ceiling or walls to reduce sound.

The family of clear, color, and translucent thermoplastic resins such as Plexiglas or Lucite.

A water-based latex made of acrylic polymer and used for coatings and/or impregnations.

After Date

In the United States, the most current law regulating the accessibility of public buildings to persons with disabilities.

Accessory items for trade show display rentals and exhibits, such as retractable banner stands, display counters, display kiosk workstations and literature holders.

Vertical support that allows shelf bracket to be affixed at any point in the support.

A black and white photo transparency.

An order for services sent to the service contractor prior to the installation date. Compare with Floor Order.

Item’s unit price when it is ordered and paid for prior to the deadline date.

Fees associated with advance orders, which typically include discounts when paid in advance.

Location set by show management to receive freight before the start of show. Freight is stored at this location and then shipped to the show at the appropriate time.

A service for a shipment prior to a show’s move in time, which includes a holding station for freight with shipping to the show.

A location set by show management to receive freight before the start of a trade show. Exhibit booth/stand and materials are stored at this location and then shipped to the trade show at the designated time.

Promotional items with a firm’s name and/or marketing message.

A term indicating that a shipper’s agent or representative is not empowered to make definitive decisions or adjustments without approval of the group or individual represented. Compare WITHOUT RESERVE.

Client’s products fastened to display.

An agreement between a steamship line (or similar carrier) and an importer or exporter in which cargo space is reserved on a vessel for a specified time and at a specified price. The importer/exporter is obligated to make payment whether or not the shipment is made.

A bona fide representative with proper credentials from the party represented.

A custom portable display for trade shows with booth graphics and structural support for computers, monitors, shelving and locking storage cabinets.

Any property carried, or to be carried, in an aircraft, excluding passenger baggage.

Materials shipped via airplane.

A bill of lading that establishes the terms between a shipper and an air transportation company for the transport of goods from a given location to a given airport destination for a specified charge. Compare with Inland Bill of Lading, Ocean Bill of Lading, Through Bill of Lading.

Carpeting installed in trade show aisles.

Signs, usually suspended, identifying exposition aisles by number or letter.

Traffic area between booths.

To ‘finish’ by sealing off the edge of a raised platform floor

Uncontrolled and unintentional illumination.

In the United States, the most current law regulating the accessibility of public buildings to persons with disabilities.

Special lens for projectors used to eliminate distortion in abnormally wide throws.

Movement of either light or mechanical action.

The process of preserving metal by adding a protective oxide film by an electrolytic process.

Any of various statements that the U.S. Government requires to be displayed on export shipments and that specify the destinations for which export of the shipment has been authorized.

A spray that helps reduce static electricity in carpets.

Solution applied to plastics to minimize dust accumulation.

Reinforced molded plastic case, normally with foam cut-outs for transporting fragile materials.

The form you need to complete to apply for an exhibition stand. Once accepted by the organiser the application normally becomes your contract.

Any applied item typically vinyl or paper backed with adhesive.

Any Quantity.

Parties in dispute come together to present their sides of the story to an impartial arbitrator who acts as an impartical judge and makes a decision on the dispute.

Illumination produced by a carbon electrode gap employed in slide projection and silk screen production.

An exhibit display ceiling or entryway that spans two points.

A union contract covering companies and unions that bargain on an area-wide basis.

Term for plywood or lumber having metal veneer.

A document issued by railroads, airlines and maritime services identifying the shipment is sent to the consignee or their agent and informing consignee/agent of cargo’s arrival.

American Society of Authors, Composers, and Publishers.

Stands that hold ashtrays. Also known as SMOKERS.

The process of erecting an exhibit from its components. Also called Installation, Set Up.

Union contract negotiated by a group of employers through an employer’s association with the union representing their employees.

An organization of people sharing a common interest. Some associations sponsor a trade show.

Document issued to companies exhibiting overseas allowing them to import goods for an exhibition, free of custom duty, provided that the goods are exported after the exhibition

Location of exhibit or project. Also called ON-SITE.

Number of people at show or exhibit.

One who attends an exposition. May also be a Delegate or Visitor, but should not be used for “exhibitor”.

Direct mail piece sent to current and prospective attendees that promotes the benefits of attending a specific show. Compare EXHIBITOR PROSPECTUS.

An independent verification of attendance figures submitted by an exposition’s producers.

hairs only are set up in rows facing a head table, stage, or speaker. Variations in set up are semicircular and v-shaped.
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