Brand Activation

Brand Activations create brand loyalty for companies. They bring brands to life and create an emotional connect with target consumers.
Our range of Modular Portable Display stands are designed to fit all your Brand Activations needs. Kiosk based Promotions, Product Launches, POS/POP’s, Food Sampling, Road Shows or Promotional Campaigns – A desired activation stand can be created for you with our portable display stands. They are easy to install which means your staff could assemble it. And these are reusable stands, so you can use them for future activations by simply changing its graphics, resulting in better Return on Investment.

mall-activation (1)

Mall Activations

  • Tool less
  • Ease in installation and dismantling (weekend to weekend events)
  • Choice to have Platform
  • Innovative product display units
  • Reusable stand for Calendar of Events

Retail Activations

  • Quick set up
  • Adapts to small spaces
  • Food Sampling counters
  • Kiosks, Promoter Tables, Pop ups and backdrop solution options

Society Activations

  • High quality outdoor solutions
  • Platform set up for uneven grounds
  • Flags and Tents
  • Eco friendly, Dust free and weather proof

Corporate Activations

  • Portable
  • Ease in installation and dismantling (weekly events)
  • Reusable stands for Calendar of Events
  • Kiosks, Promoter Tables, Pop ups and Backdrop solution options

Dealer Kit Activations

  • ‘Do it yourself’ installation
  • Standard look across all channels
  • Interchangeable graphics
  • Cost Efficient
  • Tracking  and Maintenance option

Airport Activation

  • Tool less
  • Innovative Product displays
  • Kiosk, counters, Pop ups and backdrop options
  • Dynamic screens and large format A/V integration

Want to create an experience that your visitors will remember?