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BTL activities or marketing is Below the Line marketing activities, an immediate force to buy, interact or communicate through cash or kind, and has a short duration. BTL promotions or BTL marketing activities are a proficient and cost-effective means for focusing on a target audience and particular gathering. It utilizes less routine strategies than the standard ATL (Above the Line) channels of publicizing, normally concentrating on direct method for correspondence, most ordinarily direct mail and e-mails. Some of the finest and effective BTL activities ideas and creative BTL activities examples list include Road Shows, Mall Promotions, Product launch, Brand Activation, RWA Activities, Sales promotion, Dealer meets, Communication meets, to name a few.

BTL activities or BTL activations are a typical method utilized for “touch and feel” items, where the buyer can have a direct engagement with the brand. Innovative BTL activities or methods guarantees review of the brand while in the meantime highlighting the components of the item.

Insta Worldwide Group is a prominent market leader for providing complete solutions and services for BTL activities in India. Our dedicated team of designers convert your ideas and concepts into reality and bring you the best-in class solutions for BTL promotions and offers innovative BTL activities ideas. Our complete range of solutions makes sure to give you a stress-free experience at every BTL promotions.

Reusable Kit

The BTL activities kits are skilfully built and can be reused a calendar of events at multiple locations. It also helps you get a high Return on Investment; thereby it comes as an investment. BTL promotions take place round the year and if you are promoting your brand through innovative BTL activities, then Insta solutions are the perfect pick for you as we are one of the best BTL agencies in Mumbai, Delhi and across India

Easy installation and dismantling

Being easy to assemble and dismantle these BTL activations kits ensure simple and quick installation. The activation kits can be installed by the field team at work as well. The modular and portable BTL promotion kits have pre-engineered parts that help in easy setup. It ensures to save extra labour costs and quick installation and dismantling saves time. Being the best and expert as a BTL   company, Insta also offers a range of BTL marketing activities examples, BTL promotion and marketing ideas that help you standout.

Lightweight and Portable

The BTL activities kits are lightweight and easy to carry, wherever you go. The portability of the kit helps you carry the entire kit to multiple locations. With the shipping case that these kits come in, you can easily transport the BTL promotion kits without spending on extra transport costs.

Option of platforms, flags and tents

The BTL activations and promotion kits come with the option of choosing platforms that offers stability on unsteady grounds. So, if you have a road show or promotional activities on an uneven ground, then a platform can offer a stable stage. You can also have the options of flags, tents and other accessories to complement your BTL activities. If you are planning for BTL promotions then contact Insta, one of the top BTL agencies in India.

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Some Successful Projects

Brand Activation with Expo Prestige

  • Reliance Jewels wanted a portable & foldable backdrop which they can put up anywhere & at anytime
  • They wanted product display unit with foldable and durable features
  • Product displays should grab more attention and be equipped with lockable counter showcase
  • Insta geared Reliance Jewels with the modular Expo Prestige™ that is known for its foldable & portable attributes
  • The display unit was not only portable but had enough space capacity to display numerous products
  • With the precise lighting over jewels, they were illuminated and garnered more focus…

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