Chevrolet India– – Accelerates to Create Massive Impression

We offered modular and portable mall activation solution with high-quality consistent branding for Chevrolet India.


  • Modular and portable kit offering easy installation and dismantling
  • Reusable activation kit for multi-city execution
  • Modular wooden platform with packaging
  • Consistent and unswerving brand communication at all locations
  • Do-It-Yourself kit that enabled setting up the structure
Mall Activation for Chevrolet
Chevrolet Mall Promotion Activities


  • Insta offered modular and portable solution, Luminy
  • A total of 3 activation kits were provided
  • The portable and modular nature of Luminy ensured quick and easy installation and reduced transportation costs
  • On-time setup and execution of the entire activation kit


  • Insta provided Chevrolet India with Luminy Modular Backdrops for multi-city mall activation in North India


  • Impressive and successful multi-city mall activation in North India
  • Consistent and top-quality branding across locations