GE Healthcare– – Branding on Site

GE Healthcare provides transformational medical technologies and services to meet the demand for increased access, enhanced quality and more affordable healthcare around the world


  • GE Healthcare’s brand image was not consistent across India, so they wanted a solution which could brand them in a standard way
  • They were looking out for such a service which would minimize their stress of multiple vendor management by maintaining one point of contact for multiple exhibitions pan India
  • They wanted to invest once, for multiple shows to gain higher ROI of the show
GE Healthcare Branding
GE Healthcare Promotion


  • Insta suggested with Portable and Modular Solution in AirliteTM and CreeyaTM for their diversified demand
  • Insta maintained single point of contact throughout the executions in the exhibitions and still maintains so, for future exhibitions
  • The combination of products which Insta suggested, proved to be high in utility and quality
  • The product’s characteristic included multiple usages without compromising on its quality


  • GE Healthcare is planning to conduct around 20-30 exhibitions pan India


  • GE Healthcare’s brand image was standard across India
  • Portable and durable solution provided, resulting in quick setup time
  • Insta maintained single point of contact resulting hassle free communication