Granules - Making Impact with Custom Built Stand

Granules, an Indian Pharmaceutical manufacturing company based in Hyderabad which was formed in 1984 as ‘Triton Laboratories’. A company with business reach in over 50 countries around the world.

Granules Exhibition Stands

Challenge Accepted
  • Granules wanted a simple yet elegantly designed exhibition stand concept
  • The expectation for the concept was also to meet Granule’s brand image and capabilities
  • The booth required ample meeting space inspite of a space constraint
  • Insta created an extra ordinary concept with Custom Built Solution
  • Insta succeeded in creating a booth with a sense of open space in a limited stand area
  • The overall output met Granule’s brand image and visibility standard
  • Insta created a well built Custom Stand in a 54m2 of area
  • Granules was satisfied with the overall output of the custom built booth
  • They were delighted with the fulfillment of the booth within prescribed time as promised

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