Jaipur Jewels– – Engaged in Successful Brand Activation with Expo Prestige

Jaipur Jewels, one of the well known brands in India in the jewellery industry. It is a premium brand and famous for its traditional and royal jewellery collections.


  • Jaipur Jewels required well-lit exhibition stand for a lightened look
  • They needed multiple lockable showcases for displaying their jewellery sets and precious gems
  • Jaipur Jewels was looking for high-quality and durable products for multiple uses
Japiur Jewels Brand Activation
Japiur Jewels Activation


  • Insta executed the project within a short span of time and focused on providing complete end-to-end solutions
  • Insta provided them with Expo Prestige1` for catering to their exhibiting needs and requirements
  • Due to the portable and lightweight attributes of the solution, the exhibitions were conducted hassle-free


  • Insta geared Jaipur Jewels with the modular Expo Prestige solution, which they used for around 6-7 times


  • The high-built quality and sturdy nature of the solution helped Jaipur Jewels to exhibit multiple times
  • Jaipur Jewels was overall satisfied by the complete solution and services by Insta