Khandelwal Jewellers - Expanding its Market Visibility with Expo Prestige™ & Highline™

Expanding its Market Visibility with Expo Prestige™ & Highline™

Khandelwal Jewellers Exhibition Stall

Challenge Accepted
  • Khandelwal Jewellers required durable solution for their event
  • They needed numerous lights for excess focus and exposure
  • They looked for lockable cash counters along with multiple jewellery display showcases
  • Khandelwal Jewellers needed product-specific counters for their different jewellery sections
  • Insta amalgamated ExpoPrestige and Highline, thereby ensuring maximum visibility
  • They delivered modular display counters, which were portable and lockable
  • Insta provided separate counters, specific to their products and offered impressive graphics related to the individual jewellery products
  • Insta provided Khandelwal Jewellers with its exclusive Expo Prestige and HighLine modular exhibition solutions
  • Insta was successful in providing fine lighting, which helped Khandelwal Jewellers to gain maximum exposure

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