Mahindra Retail– – Multiple Indoor Activation made Possible for Mom & Me

Mom & Me is the flagship baby care brand of Mahindra Retail Pvt Ltd. They are currently expanding across most major cities and towns in India; they have already crossed 100 stores pan India and many more to follow.


  • Mom & Me were asking for customized portable solution for branding their different products to enhance their brand image
  • Display area for products were essential
  • Reuse of the solution for different activities and within short span of time
  • Expected hassle free vendor management for multiple marketing activities
Mahindra Retail Activation
Mahindra Mom and Me Retail Activation


  • Insta presented multiple design options for them to reuse it for different activities
  • Insta was successful in providing customized solution that was portable as per their requirements
  • Maintained single point of contact for all of the activation activities, resulting in a hassle free communication and environment
  • The solution proved to be an overall package of portable, reusable and a high quality kit
  • Due to Insta’s presence in multiple cities, the I&D was done with ease and swift


  • Mom & Me has bought multiple HighlineTM kits with which it has done 3 activation so far


  • Main issue of wastage of time, money and resources was reduced drastically
  • Mom & Me were very happy with the designs and graphics used in it
  • The biggest problem for them of different space design for multiple marketing activities were solved
  • Mom & Me even refereed Insta to other companies within its circle