OMC - Achieved high footfalls with its Exquisite Custom Built Stand

OMC was founded on 16th May 1956 as a joint venture between Govt. of India and Govt. of Odisha. It is now a wholly State-owned Corporation of Govt. of Odisha. The major minerals mined by OMC are chrome, iron and manganese ore.

OMC Exhibition Stall

Challenge Accepted
  • OMC didn’t have any plan on how to exhibit, so the entire concept was to be created from scratch
  • OMC was participating for the first time; hence its expectation and stakes to make a good impression were high
  • Insta proposed to make an Investor Pavilion instead of an OMC booth
  • They created ‘cube’ concept signifying 108 sites of OMC by creating 108 cubes on roof
  • The booth was well lit and designed, enabling successful brand visibility
  • To signify transparency in OMC, Insta created the entire pavilion in white color
  • Insta created an attractive Custom Built Stand in an area of 300 m2.
  • OMC received the Gold Award for the best stand design in the event
  • It was the most visited booth in the entire exhibition
  • The overall design and theme was recognized and appreciated

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