The Scapers - Strongly Building its Brand to New Heights

The Scapers, aims at creating exclusive living spaces. The four colours in its logo stand for the four qualities that lead to a four way path to success – Distinct, Innovative, Foresighted and Proactive.

The Scapers Exhibition Stall design and built

Challenge Accepted
  • The Scapers required a complete backlit exhibition solution.
  • They also looked forward to backlit branding panels on both the sides along with some space in the stall to store their brochures
  • They wanted spacious and well-lit functional exhibition stand
  • Made sure to design a spacious exhibition stall with effective branding and lighting
  • The project was executed within a short span of time owing to ease of assembly
  • Insta offered LuminyTM backlit exhibition solution to cater to their specific requirement
  • Insta provided The Scapers with LuminyTM backlit exhibition solution for their 22.5 sq.m exhibition stall
  • The Scapers Exhibition Stall effectively generated high visitor traffic
  • The Scapers Exhibition Stall effectively generated high visitor traffic.

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