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As an International Exhibitor, anxiety about foreign land and infrastructure facilities is understandable. This city guide gives you essential information that you need to know about a city that hosts your upcoming Exhibition or Trade show. It is essential that you know about the exhibition stall designer in Mumbai to have a fair idea before starting your exhibition preparations.

You also need to focus whether you get the right exhibition stall designer in Mumbai in order to communicate your key message to the audience. Use these nuggets of information to carefully plan your show, stay, travel and even exploring a city for leisure purposes.

Mumbai – The city of dreams

Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, on the west coast India, is the most populated city in India and the eighth most populated city in the world. Originally, Mumbai consisted of seven islands; the area between the islands was reclaimed from the sea by the Hornby Vellard Project in the mid eighteenth century. Since then Mumbai (or Bombay as it was known till 1995) has grown by including its current suburbs and sub cities such as Navi Mumbai, Thane, Bhiwandi and Kalyan. With a population of over 21 million Mumbai is considered an Alpha City. Mumbai is also arguably the wealthiest city in India, with the highest GDP among any city in South west or Central Asia.

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Insta Group offers best in class professional services in designing and erecting exhibition stalls, stalls, and exhibition booths with considerable in-depth detailing for different industries. We are one of the leading exhibition stall designer in Mumbai with high-stallard printing services and trained designers. Insta Exhibitions provides various solutions to exhibitors for their Exhibitions and Trade Shows in Mumbai. Insta Group provides hassle free solutions to exhibitors at any exhibition center located in Mumbai, Vashi.

These are some of the numerous solutions provided to our clients, enabling them to showcase their exhibits within a flawlessly designed and built exhibition stall for you. Select any of the solutions for your exhibiting needs from Insta, the best exhibition stall designer in Mumbai and get to us through the chat option, or contact us on the mobile phone number provided, or else, just fill up the contact us form displayed on our website. Insta Group provides the solutions in any exhibition centers located in Mumbai, Mumbai Suburbs or Navi Mumbai

Below are the different solutions we provide for our clients that they can showcase their exhibitions  with a solid perfection

  • Modular exhibition stalls and customized exhibition stall designs and build from the best in class professionals in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai
  • Custom exhibition stall design in Mumbai
  • Portable exhibition stall and designers in Mumbai
  • Reusable custom exhibition stall and best designer in Mumbai
  • Airport activation service in Mumbai, Domestic airport and International airport in Mumbai
  • Eco-friendly exhibition stalls in Mumbai

Insta Exhibitions Services and Solutions in Mumbai

Insta Exhibitions is a leading solution provider of exhibition stalls, exhibition stalls services and best exhibition stall designer in Mumbai. Through our headquarters in Mumbai, we can provide the best, hassle-free services for all your exhibiting needs Pre and post exhibition services offered by Insta Exhibitions for a stress free exhibiting experience in Mumbai, Mumbai Suburbs and in Navi Mumbai.

    • Space Design: Insta Exhibitions, with its crack team of over 30 experienced designers, from the top design schools in the country, is always eager to convert your vision into reality by designing your exhibition space for maximum impact on visitors and customers on the trade show floor.
    • Printing Facility: Insta Exhibitions takes pride in its cutting edge printing facilities in India and abroad. Insta Exhibitions has three exhibition stall graphic printing facilities in India, equipped with the latest machines available in the market, capable of printing the most challenging exhibition stall graphic designs, on any kind of substrate. On top of the Indian printing facilities and quality-driven exhibition stall designer in Mumbai.
  • Stall Fabrication Facility: Insta Exhibitions is the only Indian exhibition services company in the country and finest exhibition stall designer in Mumbai to have three state of the art exhibition stall manufacturing facilities in India. All these factories are equipped with the finest panel cutters, CNC machines; multi angled computerized panel saws, lamination press, profile bending machines, injection molding, vacuum forming, and powder and lacquering booths, power tools and design tools. All the factories have a skilled workforce garnered from ITIs and equivalent technical institutions capable of handling the most demanding exhibition stall and stalls manufacturing projects.
  • Project alignment: Insta Exhibitions has a highly committed team of project managers, whose dedication to each project is legendary in the industry. The project management team takes care of all projects whether big or small, right from hand holding the client at the design and concept stage to final culmination of the exhibition project. The team also handles every aspect of exhibiting from manufacturing to I&D to logistics and are among the best stall fabricators in Mumbai.
  • Warehousing: Insta Exhibitions capable logistics experts can safely store the exhibits of its clients between exhibitions, when the hardware is not in use. These exhibition items are stored carefully in Insta Exhibitions network of warehouses and the client is assured that their precious exhibition stalls are in safe hands.
  • Logistics and Shipping: Every product ordered by a client is meticulously packed by Insta Exhibitions experienced packaging and handling teams, so that the products arrive at their destination in pristine condition. Insta Exhibitions has tie ups with leading freight moving companies in India and abroad, ensuring that exhibition stalls are delivered to the clients on time for installation. Further Insta Exhibitions dismantles and ships the exhibition stalls back to the client’s office or its own warehouses for storage of the exhibition stalls and are known for being the leading exhibition stall fabricators in Mumbai.
  • Pre Show Walkthrough: Insta Exhibitions offers its clients the unique opportunity to ‘live’ the exhibition stall design by providing them designs in 3D, which gives them the look and feel of the exhibition stall being designed. Insta Exhibitions takes this process one step further by erecting the actual exhibition stall to be used by the client at its many facilities in India and abroad. This gives the client the real touch and feel of how the exhibition stall will look at the exhibition and quality and workmanship of the materials used.
  • Lighting: Lighting at an exhibition stall is a very important aspect, how an exhibition stall is lighted can make or break even the best designed exhibition stall. Insta Exhibitions gives its clients valuable advice on how to maximize on their exhibition stall design by creating bespoke lighting experiences using the latest lighting technology, fixtures and tools, guaranteed to bring out the best in their exhibition stalls and product displays. We at Intsa, provide the best solutions and is a prominent exhibition stall designer in Mumbai.
  • Installation and Dismantling: Insta Exhibitions has a large, skilled and experienced workforce on its payrolls, which are completely focused on the complicated job of installing complex exhibition stalls at venues across the world and are the best exhibition stall fabricators in Mumbai. These dedicated men and women leave no stone unturned to see that the exhibition stalls are perfectly installed and finished in time for the show disregarding the time frame. Likewise the team expertly dismantles the exhibition stalls after an exhibition, sticking to the deadline given so that the client never has to pay any demurrage charges for delay in vacating the space.
  • Graphic Design: No exhibition stall is complete without excellent graphics adorning it. Insta Exhibitions has a team of extremely creative graphic designers, using the latest software and hardware in computer aided design systems capable of bringing to life the most complicated exhibition stall graphic designs that the client can think of. The design team at Insta Exhibitions are the best exhibition stall designer in Mumbai and creates eye catching exhibition stall graphic designs for the clients, if they choose to leave it to the professionals
  • Portable Display Products: As we get more environmentally aware, the general trend in exhibition stall building has started focusing on modular portable display products, for multiple applications. These products can be re-used and do not entail any wastage, they are lightweight and are easy to install, dismantle, transport and store. Insta Group is a leading name in the field of exhibition stall fabricators in Mumbai. You can get a varied range of portable display products to choose from.
  • Modular Portable Exhibition Stalls: We have lightweight, tool less, easy to install and dismantle, DIY modular exhibition stall kits.
  • Exhibition furniture rentals: We source ergonomic, stylish, high quality exhibition stall furniture that matches your exhibition stall design.
  • Platforms, Carpets and Flooring: We give you a wide choice flooring material to enhance the look of your exhibition stall.
  • Outdoor Exhibition Stalls: We have a wide range of outdoor exhibition stalls such as tents, kiosks and banners.
  • Event set up: We are the best exhibition stall designer in Mumbai and have solutions for every kind of event, no matter its size or scale.

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