Invest in custom stalls to unleash your brand’s potential at IMTEX 2024

At IMTEX 2024, let your brand shine with Insta Group. Our team, with twenty years of experience, builds more than just stalls — we create spaces where your brand story comes to life.

Remember the buzz at the previous edition of IMTEX? With nearly a thousand exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors, the event was alive with opportunities. Now picture your custom exhibition stall, designed by our skilled team, catching everyone’s attention and being the place visitors remember most.

Your brand’s message will be bold and clear, thanks to quality graphic printing done at one of our in-house facilities. The vivid imagery will ensure your brand will be remembered long after the event is over. Your stall will be a welcoming spot that shows what your company is all about.

Our project managers take care of all the details. They oversee the graphics, logistics, and fabrication, and they talk to event organizers. This means you can focus on meeting people and sharing your brand’s story.

Get ready for a successful IMTEX 2024. Reach out at or call us at +91-9167 246768, and we’ll help you make an exhibition stall that everyone will talk about.

Create an experience that visitors will remember

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About IMTEX 2024

IMTEX stands as a prominent exhibition for manufacturers and machine tool industry exhibitors. It offers a prime opportunity to present latest products and services to a dedicated audience, fostering direct engagement with potential clients to generate leads, and gain insights into customer needs.

Exhibitors find immense value in live demonstrations that directly influence buyer decisions. IMTEX 2024 serves as a barometer for industry trends, providing a platform for observing market demands and competitor strategies, crucial for effective business planning.

The event garners substantial media coverage, amplifying brand visibility and extending its impact beyond the exhibition dates. Furthermore, IMTEX runs alongside concurrent shows like Tooltech and Weldexpo, spotlighting cutting and forming tools, along with related machine tool accessories. This offers a more comprehensive platform for industry professionals.

By securing a custom exhibition stall with Insta Group, exhibitors can significantly enhance their presence. Our expertise in creating visually captivating stalls ensures your brand captures the attention of a larger audience, leaving a lasting impression at the Delhi 2024 exhibition.

Why should Insta Group be your top choice for IMTEX 2024?

Share your vision for IMTEX with us, and our talented designers will bring it to life by crafting a customized stall just for you.

Custom stall designs

At Insta Group, every stall is tailored to meet your unique requirements. Our experienced designers thoroughly grasp your objectives and create a stall that perfectly aligns with them.

Project Management

Our dedicated project managers are committed to overseeing every aspect of your exhibition stall, from planning to flawless execution and effective communication, to make it your most successful one yet.

In-House Manufacturing Facility

Our in-house manufacturing facility handles the end-to-end production of your custom exhibition stall, guaranteeing the highest levels of quality control throughout the process.

Installation & Dismantling

Our skilled team at Insta Group takes care of the entire setup and dismantling process for your exhibition stall at IMTEX Forming 2024, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

Discover the ultimate stall for IMTEX with Insta Group

Yes. We can design and build a stall that meets all requirements. Our team will consider your design brief and make a stall completely customized for you.

Certainly! You can explore a comprehensive portfolio or gallery that showcases our previous exhibition stall designs here.


Everything related to your exhibition stall is included. We will take care of design, fabrication, logistics, installation and dismantling.


The cost of your stall depends on multiple factors like size, layout, and elements involved and so on. If you need a detailed cost, please share your brief at +91-9167 246768 or