Invest in attention grabbing stalls to attract prospects at SIAL India 2023

Join hands with Insta Group to leave a lasting impression at the SIAL Exhibition 2023, a significant event with over 300 exhibitors and 10,000 visitors from more than 30 countries. At SIAL India 2023, having an engaging exhibition stall is essential. And we can help you with that.

With a legacy spanning over twenty years, we do more than just crafting and setting up stalls. We craft memorable experiences. Our dedicated team is focused on creating stalls that resonate with your audience. Our offerings include custom exhibition stalls, conceptualized by our in-house design team after a thorough understanding of your goals and needs.

Our in-house capabilities cover everything, including stall graphics. This ensures absolute quality control and timely readiness of your stall. Every aspect of your SIAL Delhi 2023 stall is managed by our team. Our project managers handle the entire project from graphic printing and logistics to fabrication and organizer coordination, giving you the liberty to concentrate on delivering an exceptional presentation at the event.

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Want to create an experience that your visitors will remember?

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About SIAL India 2023

SIAL India stands as a crucial exhibition chiefly underscoring food innovation, presenting an extensive array of products encompassing bakery, beverages, confectionery, dairy, and more, hailed from over 30 countries. This makes it a noteworthy B2B event on the Indian food industry calendar.

The exhibition is a reflection of India’s burgeoning economy and its ascending food business sector, meeting the diverse demands of a vast consumer base. The co-location with SIAL Tech in SIAL India 2023 further enhances this dynamic platform. SIAL Tech, dedicated to technological advancements in the food industry, amalgamates with SIAL India to create a comprehensive environment. This collaborative setting not only facilitates the exploration and display of innovative food products but also delves into the technological forefront driving the industry forward. 

SIAL India nurtures valuable interactions among participants, provides a structured environment for engaging with potential partners, and fosters a superior networking experience. This dual exhibition setup serves as a conduit for forging meaningful connections, promoting brand visibility, and exploring new market trends, thereby opening doors to fruitful collaborations, insightful knowledge, and a broader horizon of opportunities in the food and beverage sector.

Take the step to be a part of this illustrious event by crafting a distinctive stall that mirrors the ethos of your brand, with the adept assistance of Insta Group. 

How does Insta Group assist you?

Custom stall designs

Each stall is designed to suit your specific requirements. Our designers comprehend your goals and create a stall that perfectly aligns with them.

Project Management

Our project managers will supervise your exhibition stall experience, guaranteeing planning, flawless execution, and effective communication to make it your most successful one yet!

In-House Manufacturing Facility

Our internal manufacturing facility takes care of the entire production process for your custom exhibition stall, ensuring rigorous quality control.

Installation & Dismantling

The proficient team at Insta Group will manage the installation and dismantling of your exhibition stall at SIAL India 2023.

Get a stall that will command attention at SIAL India

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Insta Group can design and build stalls for a wide range of exhibitions and events, whether in the Food manufacturing industry or others such as Auto, Pharma, Construction, and more.


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