Crafted for Cosmoprof: Custom Exhibition Stalls by Insta Group

Cosmoprof India expects over 300 exhibitors, and to make your presence felt, you will need a stall tailored for you. And, with our twenty-year expertise in creating bespoke exhibition stall designs, we can help you get noticed at the coveted beauty show. Our team of experts is primed to conceptualize and construct exhibition stalls that not only catch the eye but also resonate with your audience.

At Insta Group, we are more than just designers. We understand your brand, aspirations, and vision. Once we are fully aligned with your goals, our talented in-house designers and builders bring your exhibition stall to life. At our in-house facility, we print captivating graphics that tell your brand story. It’s a meticulous process that ensures your brand shines brightly, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

When it comes to your Cosmoprof India Mumbai Stall, our project managers will handle all the coordination and keep you involved throughout the entire design and construction journey, ensuring a seamless experience from inception to completion. Experience the power of design excellence.

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Want to create an experience that your visitors will remember?

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About Cosmoprof 2023

Cosmoprof India in Mumbai stands as the premier business-to-business event for the burgeoning beauty market in India. Positioned as the fourth instalment in the Cosmoprof network, a comprehensive global platform spanning Bologna, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Miami, Cosmoprof India 2023 promises to be a pivotal exhibition in Mumbai for the beauty industry.

With over 500,000 professionals and 10,000 exhibitors participating across the globe, Cosmoprof India in Mumbai caters to the diverse facets of the beauty sector. Distinctively adapted to the geographical nuances of India, this exhibition is an exclusive showcase, encapsulating the entire cosmetics and beauty supply chain from ingredients to finished products.

The 2022 edition delivered outstanding outcomes, featuring 300 exhibitors from 12 countries and drawing 7,500 visitors from 50 nations. Cosmoprof India 2023 is poised to elevate the standards of the Cosmetic Exhibition in Mumbai, offering a unique opportunity to engage with the forefront of the beauty industry and witness the latest trends and innovations first-hand.

✔2023 EDITION – 15,000 SQM

Why choose Insta Group as your go-to choice for your exhibition stall in Mumbai?

Custom Stall Designs

Each stall is specifically made for you. Our designers will understand your goals and create a stall that satisfies them.

Project Management

Our project managers will manage your exhibition stall experience and will provide excellent planning, execution, and communication to make it your greatest one yet!

In-House Manufacturing Facility

Our facilities will be used to build your custom exhibition stall at the Cosmoprof 2023 with the highest level of quality control.

Installation & Dismantling

The skilled Insta Group crew will take care of setting up and dismantling your show stall at the Cosmoprof 2023.

Have a design in mind for your Cosmoprof Expo 2023?

Insta Group specializes in designing and building custom exhibition stalls. Our services include creating unique designs, printing graphics, setting up stalls, and adding final touches to ensure a significant impact on your target audience.

Your brief is our starting point. We’ll create a detailed 3D design of your stall, and once you approve that, we’ll go ahead with the fabrication graphic printing, and take it to completion at the site, and dismantle it later on.


Insta Group goes beyond design; we delve deep into understanding your brand, goals, and vision. Our seamless process ensures your brand shines and leaves a lasting impression.


You can get a 3D design tailored for your needs at no extra cost.