1. Structure

Expo Prestige is extremely popular amongst portable exhibition stall due to its ease of assembly and tool less nature. It is ideal for constructing walls and rooms that need to be set up with reduced time and labor forming a portable exhibition stall on the go. Expo Prestige is available in various standard modules in flat and curved  versions which when connected give rise to a variety of designs suitable to stall upto 50 m2, making  one of the best portable exhibits.

2. Graphics

Graphics for Expo Prestige are made of vinyl substrate and are seamless for large format branding. These are attached with magnetic struts thereby allowing different design configurations for your portable exhibition stalls. Commonly used for constructing portable exhibition stands and portable exhibition displays.

3. Packaging

The entire portable stall packs in a plastic molded trolley cases that converts into a counter with wooden table top for increased cost efficiency and high Return on Investment.

4. Key features

Ideal for venues that demand height restrictions Trolley case converts to counter for increased cost efficiency 100% Tool less Seamless Reusable Graphics

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Reconfigurable Portable Exhibition Stall

Whether you need a portable exhibition solution for a small stall or large format exhibition stall, our creative 3d stalloffer limitless design possibilities with its pre engineered parts that keep the costs competitive. The portable exhibition kit saves time and cost while your stall maintains a professional look and feel all along. You can add or reduce modules from the design for multiple shows depending upon the space requirement per show.

Accessorize your Exhibition Stall

1. Our portable exhibition stalls are offered with a range of accessories to help widen the application of your exhibition kit. Be it for small or medium sized stall, you can reuse Expo Prestige for your show calendar thereby getting high ROI.

2. Endcap lighting: Add a highlight to your exhibition stall design by backlighting Expo Prestige end graphic panels. It is best suited to light up the End Panel however can also be used for other regular graphic panels including the top header depending on the graphic message to be communicated.

3. Lockable Showcase: Expo Prestige product showcase is light weight yet lockable to secure the contents from thefts at the exhibition. Best suited for jewellery industry, this showcase is made of high density boards and Acrylic shelves that can be flat packed for easy transportation. The LED light module

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