Trust Insta Group for all-inclusive custom stalls!

At Insta Group, we’ve honed our craft over two decades, deeply understanding the significance of a standout exhibit stall, especially at events like the IndiaCorr Expo 2023. Our rich expertise ensures that we create exhibition stalls that not only captivate but also genuinely resonate with your brand’s core message.

Our approach is to simplify and streamline the process for you. From the initial design phase to the final construction, every detail is meticulously managed in our facilities located across India. A dedicated manager with a keen eye for detail ensures you’re always informed, guaranteeing unparalleled quality and promptness every step of the way.

We recognize that exhibitions can often be overwhelming, filled with countless details and preparations. That’s why we take charge of the graphic printing, transport, installation, and dismantling, letting you channel your energy into showcasing your brand at this upcoming expo in Delhi. Your brand’s distinct identity is paramount to us. We collaborate closely with you, immersing ourselves in your vision, and ensuring your exhibition stall at IndiaCorr Expo stands out as both distinctive and engaging to visitors.

Consider us more than just service providers; envision us as partners invested in your success at the upcoming exhibition in New Delhi. For a truly personalized exhibition experience, reach out to us at +91-9167 246768 or Together, we’re committed to amplifying your presence at the expo.

Want to create an experience that your visitors will remember?

About IndiaCorr Expo 2023

IndiaCorr Expo 2023, Asia’s second-biggest and India’s leading event for the corrugated packaging industry. It’s happening from September 28th to 30th, 2023, at the India Expo Mart in Greater Noida. With 8000+ visitors and 250+ distributors/suppliers, this expo is your platform to showcase premium machinery, equipment, and solutions.

By exhibiting at this exhibition in Delhi, you’ll connect with industry stakeholders forming valuable business connections. The corrugated packaging market is set for significant growth, driven by industries like medicine, food, consumer durables, and e-commerce. This expo will help you generate sales leads, find potential buyers, and expand your business.

Corrugated packaging is cost-effective and sustainable, playing a crucial role in the eco-friendly business scene. With their recyclability and reusability, they support eco-friendly operations. As the population grows, demand for products increases, offering significant market potential. This paper and printing industry exhibition in Delhi fosters strong connections between buyers and sellers.

Why trust us for your IndiaCorr Exhibition Stall?

Our exceptional services are a trusted choice for companies across India for the following reasons:

Custom Stall Designs: Each stall is designed specifically for you. Our designers will grasp your goals and craft a stall that perfectly fits them.

In-House Manufacturing Facility: We have state-of-the-art facilities in Vasai, Haridwar, and Manesar, ready to fulfill all your requirements with unparalleled support.

Project Management: Our project managers will handle every aspect of your exhibition stall experience, making sure the planning, execution, and communication are seamless.

Installation & Dismantling: The talented team at Insta Group will handle the setup of your exhibition stall at IndiaCorr Expo 2023. And after the event, we’ll take care of dismantling it as well.

Make a lasting impact at IndiaCorr Expo with Insta Group!

The cost of an exhibition stall depends on factors such as size, design, additional elements, and more. Share a brief with us at +91-9167 246768 or to get a detailed 3D design and a quote.

Sure! Our exhibition stall service includes installation and dismantling, making sure everything goes smoothly for you.

Explore our portfolio of exhibition stalls here! Our collection showcases captivating designs and exemplifies our impeccable craftsmanship.

Sure! Our custom stall service includes graphics printing too. We print all your graphics in-house, ensuring top-notch quality every time.