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Make your presence at INTEC 2024 meaningful by associating with the Insta Group. INTEC 2024 is recognized as one of the leading innovative and business-centric machinery exhibitions with a special focus on the industrial and manufacturing-related sectors on technological advancements. At this event, a custom-made stall is imperative, and Insta Group is all ready to ensure you get just that.

With more than two decades of experience under our belt, we are unparalleled in expertise and can carry out much more than just creating and assembling stalls. Our dedicated team is committed to creating custom stalls that resonate with your target audience at INTEC 2024. Our service includes the design and building of custom exhibition stalls, done from our in-house facility as per your requirement for this exhibition in Coimbatore 2024.

Our in-house capabilities span every aspect of your INTEC exhibition 2024 stall. Our project managers take care of the graphic design, logistics, and production. Our turnkey custom stall service frees you up to concentrate on making the strongest, most memorable impact possible at the event.

Make your brand visible on the exhibition platform at this mega event. Write to us at or call us on +91-9167 246768.

Create an experience that visitors will remember

Trust Insta Group for INTEC 2024

About INTEC 2024

International Machine Tools & Industrial Trade Fairs (INTEC) is poised to mark its 20th Edition. It gives exhibitors like you a chance to become part of a prestigious legacy marked by 20 successful editions. The last edition of this machine tool accessories exhibition attracted more than 600 exhibitors, over 1100 booths spread showcasing 200 product categories, and more than 100,000 business visitors. This year, those numbers are expected to be even higher.

Supported by the German State of Bavaria and the Indian Government, it is a remarkable illustration for leading national and international organizations to exhibit the country’s competence in this world market.

Further, the media support has lifted INTEC to make each edition a landmark success. Exhibiting at this incredible event will help showcase your products and services to varied audiences. It will also help increase your brand visibility and grow your business. You are allowed to be part of the leadership in this iconic event that has been opening the way for innovation and collaboration across all trades since 1917.  So, what are you waiting for? Get a custom exhibition stall for INTEC and leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

Why Trust Insta Group for INTEC 2024?

Leading companies across India prefer our services for these compelling reasons:

Custom stall designs

Each stall undergoes meticulous crafting to fulfill your unique specifications. Our skilled designers thoroughly understand your objectives, ensuring a stall that seamlessly aligns with your goals.

Project Management

Our project managers will supervise your custom exhibition stall experience, ensuring meticulous planning, flawless execution, and clear communication to make it your most successful endeavor yet!

In-House manufacturing

Our in-house manufacturing facility oversees the entire production process of your custom exhibition stall, maintaining stringent quality control standards.

Setup and breakdown

The proficient team at Insta Group will expertly handle the setup and dismantling of your exhibition stall at INTEC 2024..

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Of course, you can explore our website’s portfolio or gallery, showcasing our past exhibition stall designs here.

You can obtain a customized 3D design for your stall free of charge.

We are eager to understand your specific requirements. Please provide us with a brief overview. You can reach out to us at or call us at +91 9167246768.

We kickstart the process with your brief. Subsequently, we create a comprehensive 3D design of your stall, and upon your approval, we proceed with fabrication, graphic printing, set up at the event venue, and the subsequent dismantling.