Set your exhibit apart with our custom stalls at Medicall Mumbai 2024

Let Insta Group become your reliable ally at Medicall Mumbai 2024. With a legacy spanning two decades, our team specializes in crafting bespoke exhibition stalls that seamlessly integrate creativity with your marketing strategy. Experience the resonance of your brand’s message heightened through top-notch graphic printing facilitated by our in-house facilities. The compelling visuals ensure a lasting impact that extends well beyond the conclusion of the event.

Throughout the entire process, we ensure that your stall effectively communicates your brand identity. Drawing on our extensive experience, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements for custom exhibition stalls. Transform your custom stall into a captivating centerpiece that mirrors your company’s essence. Our project managers oversee every detail, from graphic printing and logistics to stall construction and coordination with event organizers. This allows you to focus on engaging with attendees and narrating your brand’s story.

Get ready for a triumphant Medicall Mumbai 2024. Reach out to us at or call +91-9167 246768.

Create an experience that visitors will remember

Roof India Exhibition

About Medicall Mumbai 2024

Established in 2006, Medicall is acknowledged as India’s largest B2B exposition for medical equipment and hospital supplies. The name “Medicall” is symbolic of its specialized focus on the medical and healthcare industry. Organized by Medexpert Business Consultants Pvt Ltd., the fair is held annually in five major Indian cities – Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and New Delhi – and is recognized as one of the most significant events in its category.

Functioning as a central hub, Medicall Mumbai 2024 facilitates the exchange of expertise and experiences among distinguished professionals in the field. The event attracts a diverse range of participants, including doctors, manufacturers, dealers, hospital owners, and administrators. Notable features of the fair encompass various seminars, conferences, and the presentation of innovation awards in different categories.

Exhibiting at this exhibition in Mumbai will let you showcase your solutions and connect with potential dealers and distributors. This event is a valuable platform to increase your visibility and attract new customers. Get your custom stall for Medicall Mumbai 2024 and leave a lasting impression on your target audience

Why Opt for Insta Group at Medicall Mumbai 2024

Rely on Insta Group for Medicall Mumbai 2024 and witness the expertise of our designers as they transform your vision into reality.

Custom stall designs

At Insta Group, each stall is crafted to meet your specific requirements. Our seasoned designers deeply understand your objectives, ensuring the development of a stall that perfectly mirrors your vision.

Project Management

Dedicated project managers at Insta Group are committed to overseeing every aspect of your exhibition stall – from planning to flawless execution and effective communication.

In-House manufacturing

Our in-house manufacturing facility oversees the end-to-end production of your custom exhibition stall, ensuring rigorous quality control at every stage of the process.

Installation & Dismantling

Our skilled team at Insta Group takes full charge of the entire setup and dismantling process of your exhibition stall at Medicall Mumbai 2024, providing a seamless and stress-free experience for you.

Get started with exceptional exhibition stall in Mumbai

Certainly! Explore our extensive portfolio or gallery showcasing our past exhibition stall designs here.

Absolutely. Our team is well equipped with the expertise to design and construct a stall that meets all your requirements. By carefully considering your design brief, we can create a fully customized stall tailored to your unique needs.

The cost of your stall varies based on factors such as size, layout, included elements, and more. For a detailed cost estimation, please share your brief with us at +91-9167 246768 or via email at

Our custom exhibition stalls are built at three warehouses in Vasai, Haridwar, and Manesar. These facilities are equipped with the best equipment and technology  to ensure high-quality craftsmanship.