3D designs for your exhibition stalls

At Insta Group, we are proud to say that our innovative 3D exhibition stall designs are an embodiment of your brand’s essence. Over the last two decades, we have brought numerous corporate brands to life and taken their marketing strategies to the next level with our expertise. So if you are looking to create a powerful and immersive brand experience, look no further than Insta Group!

What is a 3D exhibition stall design?

A 3D design is a three-dimensional representation of your exhibition stall. Unlike traditional 2D designs that only offer a flat perspective, 3D designs allow you to visualize depth, height, and width, providing a complete understanding of how your exhibition stall will look and function in reality. It lets you see your stall ideas before they’re built. You can plan and visualize every detail, from layout to looks. This tool helps you make decisions to ensure your stall stands out at the exhibition.

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Our approach to 3D exhibition stall design

At Insta Group, we are proud to say that our innovative 3D exhibition stall designs capture your brand’s essence like no other. Our meticulous attention to detail allows us to transform any three-dimensional space into a stunning environment that immerses visitors in a memorable brand experience.

With constant creativity and improvisation, our 3D designs have set the standard for experiential spaces that engage and inspire. We take a holistic approach to 3D exhibition stall design. Our designs are not only visually engaging, but they also serve to meet your branding and communication objectives, ensuring you achieve your goals for the exhibition.

Blending creativity and functionality

We know that your exhibition stall needs to stand out. Yet, it should serve your purpose at the exhibition. Hence, our 3D stall designs are infused with creativity and functionality.

Relying on the best teams and tools

 We take pride in housing a large team of talented 3D designers trained from India’s best design schools. Keeping their fingers on the pulse of ever-evolving exhibition trends, our proficient design team is adept at mastering the subtleties of stall design. They are equipped with the best tools to create designs that are closest to reality.

Focusing on your brand

Our starting point is your brief. We will do our very best to understand your requirements and then go on to create a 3D design of your exhibition stall that meets all your objectives, goals and requirements.

Successful 3D Exhibition Stall Projects


Reliance Industries Limited

Challenge Accepted

  • Reliance was expecting a ‘larger than life’ concept which would leave a deep impact on visitors.
  • There should be respective importance given to the different divisions in terms of visibility of its branding.
  • At no given point, the brand value and guidelines of Reliance should be compromised.


  • Right from the initial stage, Insta’s approach towards the project was very innovative and grand.
  • Insta created a concept with ‘Ripple Theme’ as Reliance touches lives of everyone directly or indirectly.
  • Given the necessary importance to all the divisions and a special importance to the founder ‘Dhirubhai Ambani’ and CEO ‘Mukesh Ambani’, Insta assured it checked every aspect of the company.
  • By using the right product combination, such as Luminy™Creeya™ in Custom Built Stand, Insta successfully created the entire pavilion flawlessly.


  • Insta created an extravagant Custom Built Stand in an area of 2232m2.


  • Insta became successful in concept creation and execution in prescribed time with high attention to details.
  • The impression and attention of the ‘larger than life’ concept for Reliance was well noted and appreciated.

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