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Luminy Backlit System

Add a ray of light to your brand with Luminy

Luminy backlit solution is inspired by the older concept of backlit exhibition solutions, yet it amalgamates the traditional approach into contemporary phase with the ease of assembly and systematic use of LED backlight. It seamlessly manifests vibrant spaces and efficiently forms perfect milieu for exhibitions and events with the use of LED backlit display.
Luminy is a well-engineered system that marries strength and stability with the concept of modular. It meticulously makes use of the LED backlight to enhance the look of your exhibition display. In Luminy, modular parts fit into each other forming rigid connections ensuring perfect alignment and guaranteed safety. The sizing of the modular system parts makes the entire solution portable and ready for the next show in no time. Living up to its modular essence, Luminy can be coupled to form complete structures with rooms and roofs loaded with accessories. And the best part is that these same frames transform into complete new spaces ready for the next exhibit. Available in various shapes and sizes, Luminy is an ideal solution to take your brand to greater heights at every show.

Why Choose Luminy?
  • Creates Experiential Spaces
    Generating your experiential space is vital when it comes to an exhibition. Luminy backlit solution offers a series of backlit boards and walls, roofs, wall mounted panels or free-standing kiosks. Luminy is an exclusive backlit system that creates experiential spaces, making your exhibition space look bright and vibrant. These exclusive self-lit solutions make your exhibition or brand activation standout from the rest.
  • Builds brand communication spaces
    One of the features that make Luminy a unique system is its efficiency to build brand communication spaces, whether for exhibitions, events or brand activations. When used in combination with other Insta modular systems such as Creeya, Luminy offers unlimited possibilities of creating brand communication spaces. The LED backlit display effectively communicates the key message of your brand and clutches more visitors. With limitless potential, Luminy caters to all your needs and requirements by providing exceptional looking exhibition spaces.
  • Enhances the execution process
    The modular and reusable nature of Luminy makes project execution faster, more economical and hassle free. Today, you need quicker and cost-effective solutions that ensure to offer best results. The LED backlight, LED backlit display and other backlit boards and walls call for excessive costs. But Luminy is a cost-effective option and also brings out the best quality lighting to your exhibition space. With Luminy, you will be assured of enhancing the execution process too.
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  1. Flat pack
  2. Quick and easy set up
  3. Accessorized as per need
  4. Reusable upto 50 times
  5. Range of accessories
  6. Knock down modular design
Multiple Use

Brand Activation


Luminy backlit system is an exclusive solution with multipurpose attributes. It can be effectively used for brand activation. You can pep up your activation with the Luminy self-lit system and grab maximum attention. The powerful graphics when used with the fine lighting system of Luminy, presents a heightened platform for your brand activation.

Exhibition Stand

Whether you want to add Luminy backlit system to your exhibition stand or use it as an isolated system, Luminy will always make a mark. You can attract maximum visitors with Luminy exhibition stand as it offers a bright and lively feature to your exhibition stand. Get noticed and standout from the rest in an exhibition with Luminy self-lit system.

Events & Conferences

There are a number of events and conferences that are held round the year. It is obvious that you want to create a wide base of customers through these events and conferences. With Luminy backlit system, you can build better impression and shine brighter with the enhanced lighting system. Use Luminy to highlight the stage backgrounds, pop up displays, and banner stands to name a few. You can also utilize Luminy to improve backdrop designs for stage and also experiment with other backdrop ideas.

Features of Luminy
Features of Luminy
  • A. Engineered Aluminium structure
    The engineered aluminium structure of Luminy offers a durable and long-lasting build. It enhances the overall quality of this LED backlit solution and improves the way how your display looks. You are looking for a strong and sturdy construct, and Luminy offers you exactly what you are hunting for!
  • B. Special Eco-friendly backlit fabric
    Luminy provides a specially-made eco-friendly backlit fabric, which encourages zero wastage. The reflective fabric helps in an easy diffusion of lights and brings out the graphics in a better way.
  • C. High power LED lighting
    With the high power LED lighting, you get enhanced and fine lighting for your backlit board, display and exhibition stand. The LED lighting also merges well with the fabric thus giving a well-lit stage backdrop.
  • D. Robust base
    Luminy system comes with a robust base that offers a stable ground support. Also, as compared to other conventional backlit systems, Luminy backlit solution has a larger footprint that ensures better uphold.
  • E. Both side graphics possibility
    Marketing forms an integral part of every exhibition, event and brand activation. The Luminy LED backlit display system offers a possibility of both side graphics. This helps you to engage in 360o marketing and promotion, thereby presenting large scope of branding.
Screen Mounting   Product Showcase   Brochure Holder   Brochure/Product Display
Screen Mounting   Product Showcase   Brochure Holder   Brochure/Product Display
Product Shelving   Packaging Flight case   Up to 44" Screen   Up to 32" Screen
Product Shelving   Packaging Flight case   Up to 44" Screen   Up to 32" Screen

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