Budget-friendly and Reusable Magnetic Pop Up Display Stands

Are you looking for the best magnetic pop up display stands? If yes, then you are just a click away from the perfect solution. We at Insta design and build magnetic pop up display stands that are meticulously crafted to suit specific brand requirements. These magnetic display stands are affordable and reusable, making it the perfect pop up magnetic solution.

Magnetic pop up display stands are also commonly known as magnetic pop up, magnetic pop up display and pop up magnetic display stands, as per various needs and demands. By getting a magnetic pop up display stands you can add high impact and value to your entire exhibition space or pop up display. Whether you want to add a magnetic pop up display to your exhibition space or want to go all solo, our exclusive and exhaustive range of high-quality pop up magnetic display stand is the right choice for any of your event.

What makes our Magnetic Pop Up Display the best choice?

Easy to install and dismantle

The magnetic pop up display is made using premium quality European magnetic strips that easily attach to the structure of the pop up stand. These structures ensure easy installation and dismantling, calling for less time and labour costs.

Highly portable

Being a portable and an easy-to-carry solution, the magnetic pop up stands require less storage space and are extremely trouble-free during transportation. These magnetic pop up displays can be carried in flat pack, wheeled cases that allows easy transportation.


If you are looking for a reusable magnetic pop up display stand then here is your perfect solution. The magnetic pop up by Insta are reusable kits that allows graphic print changes and easily fits the requirements for multiple locations and events.

Available in a range of sizes

At Insta, you get a whole range of magnetic pop up display stands. You can choose from a series of 1m, 2m and 3m backdrops as your magnetic pop up display.

Curved or straight pop up stand

In addition to the above features, you also get to pick from two exclusive ranges of magnetic pop up displays, namely straight and curved magnetic pop up stand. The straight version ensures to offer a simple yet amplified look to your pop up stand whereas the curved magnetic pop up display adds a mild curve and added highlight.

Multiple Application

Magnetic pop up display stands can be used for multiple applications and at numerous locations as well. Right from exhibition shows to events, brand activation to BTL activities, magnetic pop up stands are the perfect choice for any event or exhibition.

Want to create an experience that your visitors will remember?