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OMC - Achieved high footfalls with its Exquisite Custom Built Stand

OMC was founded on 16th May 1956 as a joint venture between Govt. of India and Govt. of Odisha. It is now a wholly State-owned Corporation of Govt. of Odisha. The major minerals mined by OMC are chrome, iron and manganese ore.


Reliance Industries Limited

Challenge Accepted

  • Reliance was expecting a ‘larger than life’ concept which would leave a deep impact on visitors.
  • There should be respective importance given to the different divisions in terms of visibility of its branding.
  • At no given point, the brand value and guidelines of Reliance should be compromised.


  • Right from the initial stage, Insta’s approach towards the project was very innovative and grand.
  • Insta created a concept with ‘Ripple Theme’ as Reliance touches lives of everyone directly or indirectly.
  • Given the necessary importance to all the divisions and a special importance to the founder ‘Dhirubhai Ambani’ and CEO ‘Mukesh Ambani’, Insta assured it checked every aspect of the company.
  • By using the right product combination, such as Luminy™Creeya™ in Custom Built Stand, Insta successfully created the entire pavilion flawlessly.


  • Insta created an extravagant Custom Built Stand in an area of 2232m2.


  • Insta became successful in concept creation and execution in prescribed time with high attention to details.
  • The impression and attention of the ‘larger than life’ concept for Reliance was well noted and appreciated.

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