What is ORIENT?

ORIENT is a Mobile Exhibition Stands Showroom from Insta Worldwide Group. It travels across Indian cities and globally to showcase Insta’s full range of stands for Exhibitions and Trade shows, and Portable Display Stands for Events, Conferences, Brand Activations and Retail.

Insta has over 15 walk-in showrooms for its Modular Exhibition Stands and Portable Displays across Europe, USA and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Orient is a unique part of Insta’s initiative to expand its exhibition stand showroom presence across India and the Middle East.

ORIENT creates awareness about Eco friendly exhibiting practices for Events and Exhibitions and how Insta Modular Exhibition stands and portable displays can better serve this purpose. At Orient, we orient exhibitors about our Modular Exhibition Stands and Services.

take constructive feedback seriously. We use it to offer you better Exhibition Services and Stand Solutions.

How does Orient work?

Exhibitors who are looking for exhibition stand services and portable displays for their marketing events, visit ORIENT. Insta demonstrates practical implications of our exhibition stands such as kit assembly, stand reconfigurations, dismantling and packaging of our pre-engineered modular stands. It focuses on stand applications for exhibitions, events, conferences, retail and other experiential marketing shows. Myriad stand design possibilities that can be achieved with our eco-friendly reconfigurable exhibition stands and reusable portable displays are highlighted.

Orient helps to offer you better Exhibition Services and Stand Solutions

Insta strives for continuous innovation. At Orient, we showcase not only our popular exhibition stands and solutions but also our latest modular products developed by our In-house Product Development team. Orient is a platform to create a personalized experience for exhibitors and build on knowledge sharing. We value customer satisfaction and take constructive feedback seriously. We use it to offer you better Exhibition Services and Stand Solutions.

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