Elevate Your Presence with Ecofix, Our Highly Portable Pop-up Display Stands in India

Custom-crafted, Durable, and Dazzling Pop-up Display Stands - Designed for You!

What are Pop-up Display Stands?

Pop-up display stands deliver a powerful presentation and are perfect for companies that are looking to make an impression. With lightweight aluminum frames, digital vinyl graphics, and the ability to be easily set up or taken down – these modular pop up display stands give businesses unparalleled convenience without sacrificing any of their visual impact compared with traditional displays.

What to expect when you invest in pop-up display stands from Insta-group?

  1. Structure:  If you are looking for a pop-up display stand, your search ends here. Insta Exhibitions Pvt Ltd provides Ecofix – a budget-friendly pop-up display stand for mall promotions and in-store brand activation. It is an ideal portable backdrop solution for venues with height restrictions. This pop-up display stand is sturdy and easy to install and comes in various sizes to fit your specific space and needs. Ecofix is available in flat and curved versions, with a matrix of 3×1, 3×2, 3×3, and 3×4 configurations pre-engineered to meet your requirements.
  2. Graphics: The Ecofix portable backdrop features seamless digital vinyl graphics attached using high-quality magnetic strips. These graphics are reusable, allowing them to be used for multiple shows in the future.
  3. Packaging:  The portable display stand can be conveniently stored in a plastic trolley case, which can also be transformed into a counter with a wooden tabletop. This increases cost efficiency and provides a high return on investment.
  4. Key features
  • Ideal for venues that demand height restrictions
  • Trolley case converts to counter for increased cost efficiency
  • 100% Toolless
  • Seamless reusable graphics

How to set up Ecofix, our portable display stand?

Ecofix can be quickly and easily installed by affixing it to a wall and connecting the magnetic bars. The panels are then magnetically attached to the structure, and the lights can be easily hooked onto the top. This process is made simple due to the minimal number of complex parts and the use of magnets.

Multiple Uses of our Pop-up Displays Stand

Ecofix can be used as a portable backdrop for a variety of applications. Be it brand activation, showroom units or a stage backdrop for a conference, Ecofix pop up display is the best solution for a fast, hassle free show.

Our Pop-up Display Stand Includes-

  • Aluminium Structure
  • Anodized Aluminium Struts with Magnets
  • High-Quality PVC backed Graphic Panels
  • Digital Graphics with Lamination and Magnets
  • Stylish LED Arm Lights
  • Packaging Case

Basic Configurations for Our Pop-up Display Stand-

Ecofix portable backdrops are offered in four basic configurations, each available in Flat and Curved versions.

  •    The 3 X 1 pop-up display is a 3-foot by 7-foot kiosk designed for static information display. It can be transformed into a dynamic display by adding an LCD screen.
  • 3 X 1 is a 6-foot long X 7-foot high portable display stand. It is ideal for use in promotional spaces that are tight on space and staffed by a single person. A curved version of this pop-up standcan add a unique and eye-catching element to its appearance.
  • 3 X 3 is a 10-foot long X 7-foot high portable backdrop best suited for a 10-foot long activation space.

Range of Accessories Available with Pop-up Display Stands

Our pop-up stands contain various elements and accessories that allow you to adjust your stand to your wishes and requirements.

  • Viper Light for Pop-up Display Stand
  • AV Screen Mounting for Pop-up Display Stand
  • Arm Lights- Option for Pop-up Display Stand
  • Packaging of Pop-up Display Stand

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