Eye-catching displays to make a statement at your next exhibition

A traditional display kit that is cost effective. Promoter Tables are lightweight portable displays, popular with exhibitors for Point of Sale, Brand Activations and In-store promotions. Use of fascia allows high branding and shelf options ensure storage of goods. It packs in a padded fabric shoulder bag that goes with you any and everywhere. Promoter Tables come in 5 variants:

Butterflyv2 Square Showcase:

Butterfly v2 Square Showcase has balanced product and graphic display. It is apt for events, showrooms and in-store promotions. It can be used as an accessory in an exhibition stand to display jewellery, sun glasses and watches. Showcase is lockable with in-built LED down lights to focus on products.

Butterfly v2 Square Showcase can also be permanently installed in a showroom. It is tool less and sets up in no time! Showcase graphics are inter-changeable for future events resulting in cost efficiency. Butterfly v2 Showcase packs in a Riveted case with wheels for ease in transportation.

Butterflyv2 Podiums:

Podiums have versatile applications from exhibition stands to showrooms. They are typically used for product display. Butterfly v2 Podiums are portable and come with classic vinyl graphic branding. It packs in lightweight fabric shoulder bags.

  • Butterfly v2 Podiums is available in:
  • Butterflyv2 Large Podium
  • Butterflyv2 Medium Podium
  • Butterflyv2 Small Podium

Butterflyv2 Basic counter:

Multipurpose promotion counter for Events, Brand Activations and Exhibitions. It has optional lockable doors for unattended space. Shelf options apart from standard shelves for additional storage. Counter is foldable, light weight and quick to set up. Use of brush silver laminate gives it a sleek look.

Butterfly v2 Basic counter packs in a riveted case that keeps its parts intact during transportation.

Butterflyv2 Display counter:

Showcase counter to display products such as watches, jewellery, sunglasses and electronic gadgets. Butterfly v2 Display Showcase has acrylic top with 2 LED spot lights for special focus on products. It is an ideal solution for In-store displays, showrooms and exhibitions.

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