Custom Trade Show Booth and Trade Show Booth Design for Multiple Applications

Insta Exhibitions has been at the forefront of trade show booth design and construction in India and internationally for well over a decade. Insta has developed the finest infrastructure required to build high quality trade show booths for exhibitions, events, activations, conferences, road shows and any other activities where 3D face to face communications are required to project your product and brand to a niche audience.

Custom trade show booth

Insta is easily the leader in trade show booth technology in India and also one of the foremost trade show booth builder in the world. Manufacturing and constructing custom designed trade show booths that look smart and stand apart from the rest has been our forte. Our custom trade show booth solutions are in great demand among some the leading multinational companies of the world, we also provide custom trade show booth solutions to SMEs and other entities.

Modular trade show booth

Our modular trade show booth solutions offer some of the best modular trade show booth options available in the industry. Our patented modular booths are lightweight and can be installed very easily due to their tool less, self build design. The graphics can be mounted seamlessly on the booth with the help of magnetic strips or clips; the seamless graphics are of very high quality and can be interchanged whenever required. These modular booths are made at our own factories and are constructed from premium quality materials so that you get many years of trouble service from them. The modular trade show booth can be reconfigured to many different sizes and are portable and compact when packed in their specially constructed shipping cases. These modular booths can be given a custom look and feel without the cost of a custom trade show booth.

Portable trade show booth

Our portable trade show booths come in many convenient sizes and shapes. Totally portable and easy to set up, these booths are ideal for activations and indoor events. The entire booth and graphics can be packed in compact carry cases and transported in your car; you save big on labour and shipping costs. These portable booths can be used for many years and are totally scalable and the changeable graphics keep them relevant as long as you use these booths. Whatever your purpose or your budget, Insta Exhibitions has a trade show booth solution that perfectly fits your purpose. We have hundreds of design ideas to choose from and our design teams are always eager to come up with a design totally custom made for you so that you get an amazing trade show booth every time.

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