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Different types of exhibition stalls: A comprehensive guide

Find the perfect exhibition stall for your business

As an exhibitor, you may have heard of a variety of exhibition stalls. Each type of stall comes with its pros and cons. To give you a basic overview, stalls can range from a simple one-sided open stall to a large space with three or four open sides, and each variant has its specific benefits and drawbacks. Depending on your exhibition area, budget, and objectives, you can pick a stall type that will work for you.

1-Side Open Exhibition Stall

One-side open stall designs or row stands are a popular choice among many companies. Row stands are an economical way of showcasing your brand at exhibitions. With just one-side opening, these stalls with eye-catching graphics can be utilized with banners and logos to promote your products – making them stand out instantly!

These basic one-side open exhibition stall designs can be enhanced to meet the exhibitor’s specific needs. The height of these stalls can only be extended up to 8 feet, restricting the chances of experimenting with the stall design and height in a one-side open stall.

One-side open stalls also include shell scheme stalls. Shell scheme stalls are simple systems assembled using aluminum poles. This type of stall comes in 3m x 3m modules and can be extended up to 6m x 3m, making it a basic exhibition space of 9 sq. m. to 18 sq. m. So, exhibition organizers can arrange for a shell scheme stall for exhibitors with less than 20 sq. m. of space.

2-Side Open Exhibition Stall

Two-sided open stalls, also known as corner stalls, are a great option for businesses looking to attract more visitors. Aside from providing access from two sides, this type of exhibition stall also offers space for good exposure.

Placed at the intersection of high traffic flow, it’s guaranteed that no one will miss your exhibition stall. Whether your focus is on displaying your products or increasing your brand’s visibility, this layout can help you achieve your goals.

With respect to height and overall size, these stalls are quite similar to one-side open stalls. Overall, setting up a two-sided open stall can help your business stand out at an exhibition and attract more foot traffic. Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to showcase your products or services!

3-Side Open Exhibition Stall

Peninsula exhibition stands or 3-side open exhibition stands offer the perfect solution when looking to get noticed on a crowded exhibition floor. With three sides open, these stalls are highly visible and feature adjustable heights for maximum flexibility in product and banner displays – no matter your budget! Although they may be pricier than other designs such as row stands, peninsula stalls provide unbeatable visibility that make them worth every rupee spent.

The 3-side open exhibition stall design extends maximum possibilities for an exhibitor to experiment with space and design. In this case, the height of your exhibition stall can be extended up to 16 feet, allowing more experimentation. A 3-side open exhibition stall design can be creatively made to attract maximum visitors with custom solutions. The custom-built stalls offer a grand look that will meet your objectives.

4-Side Open Exhibition Stall

A 4-side open exhibition stall design, also called an island stall design, offers a large space and ample opportunities to work with. Island exhibition stalls are perfect for those who want maximum exposure! All four sides of the stall can be accessed by attendees, making them a great option to capture their attention. Although they may cost more than other stand designs due to needing vast space and resources, these four-side open stalls will certainly make an impact on potential customers – ideal for businesses seeking higher visibility at events.

The height of these stalls can also exceed up to 16 feet. With such a large space, the design can include multiple elements. You can choose to build a classic mezzanine stall or keep it a simple traditional structure with maximum branding.

Go creative with your four-side open stall designs and use the space well so that there is enough room for your visitors to walk through the exhibition stall as well.

How to Pick Your Exhibition Stall?

Size of Your Exhibit: Assess how much space you have for your exhibit. This will directly influence the type of stall you should opt for.

Your Budget: Different stall types come with different costs. Make sure to select a stall type that fits within your budget.

Nature of Your Display: Consider what you’ll be showcasing. Some stalls might be better suited for product displays, while others could be ideal for interactive activities.

Location in the Exhibition: Where your stall is located can have a big impact on which stall type you choose. Corner spots might benefit more from two-sided open stalls, for example.

Visitor Traffic: Think about how many visitors you expect and how they will move around and interact with your stall.

Brand Visibility: Your stall type can significantly affect your brand visibility. More open stall types, such as 3-side or 4-side open stalls, can maximize your brand exposure.

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