5 Elements of a Great Exhibition Display Stand

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While participating in an exhibition you are neck to neck with many brands and mostly competitors. To stand out in the crowd and make your presence felt in the event, is quite a challenge.

One way to ensure that you pull in the crowd is by putting up a good exhibition display stand. Listed below are 5 elements of a good exhibition stand design.

Design – The look and feel of your stand is the most crucial thing when it comes to exhibiting. The designing bit needs to be undertaken by an experienced and skilled individual or company. This is where exhibition stand designers come in the picture. Mostly, exhibition stand builders handle the designing aspect.

You need to brief them about the brand and product and give them an idea about how you envisioned your display stand. An experienced exhibition stand builder will consider your budget, understand your product and brand image and come up with fitting designs that will be suitable for your product and brand’s image.

Cost–effectiveness – Don’t get overwhelmed by the designing aspect. There are many exhibition stand designers in the market, that come up with excellent exhibition display stands. Obviously intricate stands end up costing a lot more than you were prepared to spend. It is important that you allocate a budget and specify it during your meetings with the designer.

Try to stick to it as much as possible and don’t end up spending more. Analyze your target and what you want to achieve through the exhibition and fix your budget accordingly. If your expenditure exceeds your profits then it is not a good bargain. A good exhibition stand builder will work in your budget and provide you with the best possible solution.

Construction – If your company frequently participates in exhibitions and events or is planning to, it is recommended that you invest in reusable exhibition stall design. Reusable stands are generally easy to install and dismantle too.

Renting is also a good option if you don’t have the space to store the stand but it might cost you a bit more. Reusable and portable stands can be custom-made if required and if maintained well they can be used for several events and exhibitions.

Congeniality – The prime quality of a good exhibition display stand is that it looks inviting. A complicated exhibition stand design can be overpowering and even take away from the brand and the product. Your product and brand should always be the main attraction of the exhibition display stand.

Considering the product whether it is economical or falls under the luxury product category, design the stand accordingly. The success of your exhibition also depends on how you plan to entertain and keep the audience engaged. You must come up with ideas that will make sure the audience spend comparatively more time on your stand than they do on others.

Singularity/ Individuality – When you are exhibiting you are alongside many brands and products. At first glance your exhibition display stand should stand out in the crowd. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to invest a lot or do something elaborate. You just need to think out of the box. Your exhibition display stand must have character. You can achieve this by adding unique props to your stand. While adding props and such other elements make sure that they resonate with the brand’s image.

All the elements you add to your exhibition display stand must add up and create a wholesome image or present a unified message that you want to put across.

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