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What is the difference between Shell Scheme and Space only?

When an exhibitor books space for his exhibition stand at an exhibition, the first thing that comes up is the kind of space on offer. Exhibition space is normally available in two categories, shell scheme or bare space, both of these sites come in a per sq.mtr. Offer.

A shell scheme site comes with a complete exhibition stand with walls, a ceiling grid, a facia with the company name, carpet, basic furniture, electrical connection and lighting, all these elements are provided by the organizers. These shell scheme exhibition stands are more expensive as they have all the elements required for a basic exhibition stand, all an exhibitor has to do to set up shop is to put up the graphics, you can also give your stand an individualistic look by setting up a pop up system or graphic wall. This suits first time exhibitors as they do not need to do too much planning and also exhibitors who are on a budget.

Bare space exhibition space is an area on the exhibition floor provided by the organizer, but that is all that the exhibitor gets, this option is cheaper than shell scheme. The exhibitor has to arrange everything required to build up the stand, right from designing the exhibition stand to getting the stand manufactured, shipped, installed and dismantled. The exhibitor also has to plan and pay for power, flooring, furniture, lighting, et al. The bare space option is usually opted for by exhibitors who want to stand out on the exhibition floor and large companies who need to bring across a definitive message and engage their clients in an individualistic, conducive surrounding. These custom built stall design usually attract more footfalls and lead to good business generation.

Modular system exhibition stands or Custom built exhibition stands?

Modular exhibition stands are flexible and its various elements can be combined in different ways to get several sizes and shapes. Exhibitors can use their modular systems to come up with innovative designs for their exhibition space. Modular systems are easy to erect and dismantle, exhibitors can set up the stands on their own, these systems are lightweight and easy to transport. These systems have a long shelf life and can be re-used many times over the years. Modular exhibition system exhibition stands are an easy cost effective option for first time exhibitors and companies on a budget. Modular system stands tend to lack a distinct look and usually do not stand out on an exhibition floor.

Custom exhibition stands can be designed and built to any shape or size but are more expensive than a modular exhibition stand. The design options of these stands are limitless, giving each stand a completely unique look and feel. Custom built exhibition stands are an ideal platform for companies to impress and attract visitors as well as convey a distinct message. Custom built stands need to be designed and built by reputed exhibition stand building companies, capable of bringing the design alive on the exhibition floor.

Can custom built exhibition stands be re-used?

Custom built exhibition stands can be re-used if planned and designed and manufactured in individual units. These units can be combined to form different exhibition spaces depending on the floor area. Reusable custom built stands also need to be built with robust, high quality, low maintenance material which can be cleaned and retouched easily. Engaging a good exhibition stand building company who has dedicated warehouses to store the dismantled exhibition stands, can go a long way towards ensuring that the custom built exhibition stand has a long service life.

What are the heights available for exhibition stands?

Shell scheme exhibition stalls normally have a height of 2.43 meters from the floor up, graphic panels for these stands should have a maximum height of 2.3 to 2.4 meters.

Custom built exhibition stands can normally be taken up to a height of 6 meters; overhanging elements can sometimes be at a higher level in some exhibition grounds. High custom built exhibition stands are usually converted to two floors, a large exhibiting area on the ground floor and meeting and hospitality space on the mezzanine. In case of a multi level exhibition stand, care should be taken to have a carefully calculated structural plan; many countries do not give permission to build a multi level exhibition stand unless such plans are submitted for approval. Engaging a highly reputed exhibition stand building company comes with the assurance that the multi level stand conforms to the highest level of structural stability and safety.

What about carpets, flooring and furniture?

Shell scheme exhibition stands come with all the necessary furnishing and fittings, albeit pretty basic. These stands have a carpet of a neutral color and pattern, furniture in such stands usually entails one table and two chairs.

There are limitless options for furnishing in custom built exhibition stands, limited only by the budget. Many high end custom exhibition stand manufacturers even offer bespoke furnishing and flooring to their clients.

What are the major heads to be considered while budgeting for an exhibition?

As with any successful business venture, it is always advisable to plan meticulously before participating in an exhibition. A very important aspect of the planning process is the budget to be kept aside for the exhibition, this can be done by considering some broad heads which require financial outlays.

  • A fairly accurate budget can be devised by considering these vital expenses.
  • Cost of booking exhibition space
  • Cost of shell scheme exhibition stand or custom built exhibition stand
  • Rental of flooring, furnishing and other amenities
  • Expenses for utilities such as electricity, water etc.
  • Costs for hospitality and giveaways
  • Expenses for advertising and collateral
  • Exhibition stand manpower
  • Costs for travel, boarding and lodging

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