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Like every media platform and marketing medium exhibitions too have pros and cons. Here’s a quick list of advantages and disadvantages of participating in exhibitions.

Advantages of Exhibitions

  • Exposure to a wider set of audience – Not only does your brand get a lot of exposure but the crowd that visits the exhibition is valuable too, because only consumers interested in your product category will visit the show and subsequently your exhibition booth.
  • Creates brand awareness – One of the prime reasons brands participate in exhibitions is because exhibitions create awareness in the market about the brand. It not only increases brand awareness but also makes it popular in the crowd
  • Increases credibility – People begin to trust your brand when they see it alongside major brands. Therefore increasing credibility of the brand in the market.
  • Promotes brand loyalty – When people begin to trust you, it ensures repeated sales. Repeated sales instill brand loyalty among its customers.
  • Helps in Networking – You meet a lot of likeminded people at exhibitions. It is a good chance to network with other people and increase your client base and promote your business. Exhibitions are known to be an advantageous ground to build profitable alliances.

Disadvantages of Exhibitions

  • Exhibitions are hectic and stressful – Participating in exhibitions requires a lot of work. From selecting exhibition stand contractors, booking the perfect spot to finalizing your exhibition stand design you need to take care of many things. Many businessmen find exhibitions too hectic and only because of the work it requires they abstain from it.
  • It can be overwhelming – With so many tasks and preparations at hand, exhibitors often get overwhelmed with the chores and responsibilities that come with exhibitions.
  • Exhibitions can sometimes go downhill – While focusing on major aspects you tend to ignore small things at exhibitions. One might pay full attention to their custom exhibition stall design but be reckless while selecting the right staff. If you do not tie all the loose ends, it likely you won’t get the expected results.

Every marketing platform has advantages and disadvantages. Don’t let the disadvantages discourage you from participating in exhibitions and reaping the benefits of it.

Author: Trisha Khanna

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