Exhibition Pavilion – Taking a closer look at it!

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When it comes to exhibition pavilion, exhibitors have minimal structure and design to look for. Even with the limited scope for design, an exhibition pavilion is a platform to showcase brand’s services and products.

Exhibition pavilion is a huge stretch of convention area that encompasses a number of exhibition stand with similar structure and space and helps them showcase their brand.

Read on to get familiar with exhibition pavilion and know what lies inside pavilion designs, types, space and structure of an exhibition pavilion.

Types of exhibition pavilions
Exhibition pavilion can be simply divided into two types – one in which the entire pavilion is taken by an association and the exhibition stalls are then allocated to various companies and brands. Secondly, another segment is wherein a single company hires the exhibition pavilion and various stalls are distributed amongst the different sectors of the sole company.

Space and structure
Pavilion designs call for multiple exhibition stalls that include large, medium and small stalls. Space allocation is also an important segment that decides the pavilion exhibition design. Most of the times, the premium space or location is taken by big brand names and the others are left for the mini companies.

But nevertheless, there are times when even the prime spot is taken by smaller exhibition stall. Allocating the space in the exhibition pavilion is a crucial decision and there are many deciding factors that help the organizer execute the plan. Also, the structure height is same for all the stalls, which is one of the features of pavilion designs.

High signage for visibility
Since all the exhibition stalls in an exhibition pavilion flaunts the same size, design and structure, the branding ought to be a unique attribute. In order to grasp the attention of exhibition visitors, your exhibition stall has to be visible in the entire exhibition pavilion. Ensure that you have a high signage for maximum visibility and branding.

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