Exhibition Stall Design Tips – Do’ s and Don’ts

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When you are thinking about the exhibition stall design for your next show, it is crucial to understand the basic intricacies that go into curating these stall designs. There are a few basic rules that complement the stall design and help your stall get maximum attention that it deserves. From the colors to shapes and structure, everything is derived from a basic idea that enables the exhibition stall designers to craft the striking stalls for you.

There are many prominent exhibition stand builders who have vast experience in crafting exhibition stall designs but you need to keep these tips handy as well for your reference even at a later stage.

Let us go through a few exhibition stall design tips and what are the essential do’s and don’ts of the design elements.

Exhibition Stall Design Tips 1 – The text on your exhibition stall

With regards to eye-grabbing exhibition stall design, toning it down would be ideal. Keep your content word count to a base and your brand’s key messages vast. This attracts the eye of the exhibition visitors to comprehend the messages of your brand effectively without being excessively grave, making it impossible to stop and read.

Exhibition Stall Design Tips 2 – Correct placement of content is equally essential

Consider where your content will be put on your exhibition stall design. This demands content ranging from pictures to text. Be sure that the most imperative data ought to be at the top to draw in attention even from far off and to ensure it catches individual’s eyesight – which ought to incorporate your identity!

Exhibition Stall Design Tips 3 – Size of the pictures and images do matter

Consider the pictures you need to utilize – would they say they are sufficiently huge to utilize? The exact opposite thing you’ll need is to get your new exhibition stall design just to locate an exceptionally foggy looking picture, or to see a characteristic in the picture you’ve picked that you didn’t see when it was a thumbnail. To ensure that pictures are sufficiently of high quality, check with your exhibition stall graphics printer and get the exact resolution required.

Exhibition Stall Design Tips 4 – What is your brand’s USP?

A critical message that shouldn’t be missed is necessary to add to your brand identity and what you do briefly. This ought to be your remarkable offering point and must be communicated to individuals who come in your stall.

Exhibition Stall Design Tips 5 – Hues and Shades

Consider the utilization of hues on your exhibition stall design. Did you know that different colors or hues communicate diverse affections for individuals? For instance, blue is frequently utilized for trust, reliability, quality and technology– think about global brands like HP, Twitter and Oral B.

Brands will regularly ponder the use of colors they pick in their sense of taste to ensure that they are communicating similar sentiments that they share in their brand image and ethos. So make use of brand colors on your exhibition booth design that effectively captures the attention of the target audience rather than taking them back.

Exhibition Stall Design Tips 6 – Contact details should be present

Do you have to include your contact details? Presumably not, but rather it relies on how you will utilize this criterion in your exhibition stand design. It’s extremely uncommon that individuals will settle on a choice to record any contact details from exhibition stalls in public places. Hence, you need to give away things like flyers, brochures, business cards etc for the visitors to contact you at a later stage. This will become imperative once the prospective client converts into a sales leads and want to make a purchase a little later after the show ends.

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