Importance of a good exhibition stand design

  • Posted by: Trisha Khanna

Getting noticed at an exhibition is as difficult as to look for a needle in haystack. With a hundred top notch companies with brilliant marketing campaigns as your competitors at the fair ground, you will need to up your game a couple of notches in order to be star of the show. A good way to accomplish this precarious task is by investing in a stall design that is distinctive and captivating.

The first thing visitors notice is the exhibition booth design. After that comes your exhibition graphics and other things. A good exhibition stand design can easily make your brand stand out in the pool of exhibitors. Not only will it attract the crowd but it will also help you accomplish many other things that you will be thankful for in the long run. The attention span of an average consumer is extremely limited, in this short window you not only need to get noticed by your target audience but also need to convey a message, however small but a powerful one. A message that is associated with your brand image and is subconsciously imprinted your marketing objective into the visitor’s mind.

One may wonder how a stall design itself can accomplish so many things, it may be unbelievable but it’s definitely possible. In fact experienced and talented exhibition stall fabricators are capable of creating booth designs that achieve much more.  Investing in a booth design that is unique and attractive is not enough. It needs to be symbolic of your brand image and also subtly yet strongly reflect your marketing campaign. Your exhibition stand design must look like an extension of your brand image. It needs to embrace your brand personality and core brand values. If your brand caters to upper middle class and higher class then your exhibition presentation and stall design must reflect that. For example, a brand manufacturing luxury, high end automobiles will never have a small or for that matter a medium sized booth will average décor. The brand will always invest in a larger booth and classier stand design. There is a reason that brands and companies, that have the resources, opt for the best exhibition stall fabricators in the industry. Impressing your target audience at exhibition, simply doesn’t suffice anymore, you need to create such an impact with your exhibition stand that your visitor or even a passerby remembers your stand and associates it with your brand even after exiting the fair ground.

An exhibition stand is never complete without its graphics. Undermining the importance of good graphics can be a cares-less move. So select graphics that go well with your exhibition stall, after all you want to present a coherent picture to your visitor. Your exhibition graphics will help to highlight and emphasize on your key marketing message, in the process indenting your consumer’s subconscious with your brand image and marketing message.

At the end of the day, your exhibition stands is more than just a booth to house your product. It helps to increase brand visibility, makes your brand look credible and acts as a platform to bridge the gap between you and your consumer.

Author: Trisha Khanna

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