Installation and Dismantling of your exhibition stall

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Installation and Dismantling of your exhibition stall, trade show booth – A crucial process for successful exhibiting

While preparing to exhibit at an exhibition we spend a lot of time and effort in planning the design and layout of the exhibition stalls, how it should look, what kind of graphics should be used, also the products to be displayed, staffing required so on and so forth. In the flurry of activity it is very easy to overlook the importance of installing and dismantling the exhibition stand for which we are planning so much. Any well laid plan can fall apart if the exhibition stand is not installed in time; after all, the exhibition stand is the hero of the project. If the exhibition stand is not installed well in time then you can be left with an unfinished exhibition trade show booth and cut a sorry face in front of your customers and competitors. So along with the planning of the design, graphics and displays of your exhibition stand, it makes excellent sense to give a lot of thought to the installation and dismantling of your exhibition stand.

Custom made exhibition stands need maximum planning for installing and dismantling them, the time required for this is usually several days. Depending on the design, size and other crucial elements that go into creating an attractive custom made exhibition stand, close attention must be paid towards micro managing the entire built up process and accurate calculations must be made regarding the time required to complete the built up process in time. Many custom designed exhibition stall design have several design elements and can also be of two levels. Multi level exhibition stands require a fair amount of engineering and structural integrity knowledge. It is always a sound decision if the design and installation of custom made exhibition stands are left to professionals. A professional exhibition stand manufacturing company has years of experience in installing and dismantling custom exhibition stands.

They have the bandwidth to handle the most intricate and challenging designs and the required knowledge to execute these projects in time without leaving any loose ends. Professional companies like Insta Worldwide make sure that every angle is taken into account while executing your exhibition project and you have peace of mind, knowing that your important exhibition project is in good hands without worrying about deadlines and final outcomes.

Modular exhibition stands are easier to install than custom made exhibition stands. Modular exhibition stands when sourced from a reputed exhibition stand manufacturer, are easy to assemble and dismantle, the only factor you must keep in mind is that you must arrive at the exhibition ground a bit early (preferably the night before) so that the stand can be installed in time. Modular exhibition booths are lightweight and easy to transport. Modular exhibition stands do not require too much time to install and you do not have to pay the exhibition organizers extra fees for installation and dismantling time.

A good modular exhibition stand comes with easy to handle tools and can be installed and dismantled by your own staff in a short while. If you source your modular exhibition solutions from a reputed exhibition stand manufacturing company then you can also get free training sessions on how to install and dismantle your exhibition booth in an efficient way, you can also get ground support at the exhibition grounds from the manufacturer at a nominal cost. The exhibition company will also help you out in design of the graphics and give you tips on how to get the most out of your modular exhibition stand in terms of aesthetics.

Portable exhibition stands are easiest to install and dismantle, these stands are ideal for a first time exhibitor or an exhibitor on a budget, or an exhibitor who does not participate in exhibitions very frequently. Portable exhibition stands are meant for ease in assembling and dismantling, they do not come with too many different elements and are lightweight and packed compactly for easy handling and transportation. These stands can literally be transported in your car. These portable exhibition stands can be installed and dismantled in a matter of minutes. If bought from a reputed exhibition stand manufacturer these stands are long lasting, robust and normally do not require any tools to install and dismantle them. If you own a portable exhibition stand then you need to arrive just a couple of hours before the start of the exhibition to install and display your products and literature. These exhibition stands are the most cost effective way to exhibit, they may not stand apart like the custom made or modular exhibition stands but they can surely mark your presence in the exhibition.

When you are in the process of choosing the form of exhibition stand to use for your exhibitions, then it can be beneficial to keep these facts in mind. If you want to create a great impact on your customers and competitors then it is a good idea to go in for a custom designed and exhibition stand builder which will require considerable time and skill to install and dismantle, but the impact you will make with such a stand shall be completely worth the effort and expenses. If you are on a budget but at the same time want to mark your presence in an exhibition, then opting for a modular exhibition stand will do the job fairly well. If you are a first time or infrequent exhibitor, it is always good to test the waters with a portable exhibition stand, these trade show booths are ideal to mark the presence of your company in an exhibition without worrying about installation and dismantling as well as the budget.

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