Top 3 Brand Activation Ideas to Grab 80% More Consumers

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Brand activation is considered as a new term in today’s marketing field as it is comparatively a recent yet buzzing word. Also known as BTL activities or BTL activation, brand activation helps a brand to grow its market presence. In order to make your brand, products and services visible to your target audience, you need to make their impact larger. Brand activation lets you carry your brand to your target market and help create larger impact. All the more, offering your brand and products to the audience on a platform like brand activation assists in building brand-consumer relationship. But what if your consumer is bored with the usual brand activation ideas that you are implementing? Your target consumers might lose interest in your brand if your ideas seem boring to them. So why not shun the basic, standard and outdated ideas and implement a few.

Photo booth
Although we all have heard about photo booths with silly countryside hats and fake moustaches, we can still create better brand engaging booth with a new idea. How about designing a photo booth that has a Hollywood Superhero holding your brand’s products? Now that’s a newer brand activation idea that will grab instant attention of your target consumer and hook them to click a photo. You can then ask your TG to try out your brand’s products and send them with free goodies and freebies. Whether you are a banking and insurance company or fruit juice selling brand, this particular idea can steal the show for you.

Experiential zone
Brand activation in itself is a grand experiential zone. Here is another idea of making your consumer experience the products even before it is launched to the general public in the market. Let your consumers take a selfie with the new camera that your company has launched or let them taste the new flavours of chutney and speak about it for 5 minutes. This will be a new experience for your audience as well as you to get first-hand know-how on what makes your product different or special than others.

Play time arena
This brand activation idea can work out best for a college activation or society activation. These BTL activities offer you the target audience of the exact age that you are looking for. Arrange for activities or games that relate to your brand and let the target consumers interact with your brand in this way. You can arrange for tic-tac-toe making your products the ‘X’ and ‘0’ of the game or else setup Darts game for a fun interactive experience. These games will not only engage your consumers in the games but also generate interest in them to ask more about your products and services.

Help your brand to get closer to the target audience with these interactive brand activation ideas

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