Enhance Your Impact with Custom Stalls at India Warehousing Show 2024

For over a decade, the India Warehousing Show 2024 has connected thousands in the warehousing, logistics, and supply chain sectors. If you plan to exhibit here, let Insta Group help you design a custom stall that truly represents your brand and fulfills all your requirements.

With more than two decades of experience, Insta Group’s expertise goes beyond crafting and assembling exhibition stalls. At the India Warehousing exhibition in New Delhi, our dedicated project management team will help you craft custom stalls that resonate with your target audience. Everything is handled in our in-house facility, from custom stall design to build, explicitly tailored to meet your needs for this premier warehousing exhibition.

Our dedication to excellence has secured the trust of numerous Fortune 500 companies and major global corporations. With our skill in creating modular exhibition stalls and proficient project management, we guarantee a smooth and impactful exhibiting experience.

Boost your brand’s visibility at this crucial exhibition in Dwarka. Contact us at enquiry@insta-group.com or call us at +91-9167 246768.

Create an experience that visitors will remember

Warehousing Show Exhibition - New Delhi 2024

About India Warehousing Show 2024

The India Warehousing Show is the leading exhibition for warehousing, logistics, material handling, automation, and supply chain sector. Exhibiting at this event is a strategic decision for leaders in the warehousing, logistics, and supply chain sectors. For over ten years, this event has served as a vibrant hub for innovation and business, offering unmatched opportunities for growth. As an exhibitor, you’ll connect with thousands of global buyers and sellers, tapping into a vast market potential.

More than just an exhibition, this event is a platform to present your latest technologies and solutions directly to key decision-makers and prospective clients. With more than 350 exhibitors and thousands of visitors, you can gain substantial visibility. The show also includes free-to-attend workshops that cover the latest industry trends and technologies, enhancing the overall experience.

Whether you aim to generate leads, launch new products, boost your brand, or enter new markets, the India Warehousing Show is the place to meet various business needs. Secure your custom exhibition stall for this crucial warehousing exhibition and make 2024 a year of significant transformation for your business.

Boost your brand’s visibility at this crucial exhibition in Dwarka. Contact us at enquiry@insta-group.com or call us at +91-9167 246768.

Why choose Insta Group for India Warehousing Show 2024 exhibition stall?

As Insta Group has expertise in numerous industries, we stand out as the preferred selection for the following reasons –

Custom stall designs

At Insta Group, each stall is customized to precisely align with your unique requirements. Our experienced designers have a deep understanding of your objectives, crafting a stall that seamlessly complements your vision.

Project Management

Insta Group’s dedicated project managers are at your service to oversee every aspect of your exhibition stall experience, from planning to seamless execution and communication, ensuring it becomes your most successful endeavor!

In-House manufacturing

We operate an in-house manufacturing facility that oversees the end-to-end production of your custom exhibition stall, ensuring rigorous quality control at every phase of the process.

Installation & Dismantling

Our capable Insta Group team expertly manages the entire installation and dismantling process for your exhibition stall at India Warehousing 2024, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

Book your custom stall that speaks volumes. Contact us today!

Certainly! Our website hosts a gallery of our past exhibition stall designs. You can explore it here.

No, we provide customized 3D designs for your exhibition stall free of charge.

Stall costs vary based on size, design complexity, features, and other specifics. For a detailed quote, please send us your project details at +91-9167 246768 or enquiry@insta-group.com.

The process starts with your initial project brief. We then create a detailed 3D design for your approval. Once approved, we proceed with construction, graphic printing, assembly at the venue, and dismantling after the event.