Top 10 trends of exhibition industry in 2023

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To stay ahead of the competition it is important that you keep up with the trending market. The exhibition industry is growing at a tremendous rate and to beat the competition you need to be trendy and relevant.

To help you out, we bring you top 10 trends of 2023 dominating the exhibition industry.

1. Informal spaces – One of the major focuses of brands and companies this year is customer retention. When customers drop by at your exhibition display stand you want to hold their attention and keep them in your stand. A good way to achieve this is by creating informal spaces and lounge areas. Many exhibition stalls nowadays have spaces so that brand can entertain their clients and guests. With charging points and refreshments, you can be sure that your customer will spend more than just a couple of minutes in your stall. It is up to your sales staff to make the best of this opportunity.

2. Augmented Reality – A good way to make your stand looks more modern and futuristic is to add a touch of technology. Using latest technology such as augmented reality will help you make your exhibition stall look more attractive and bring more crowd to your stall. It will also help to retain existing customers and keep them engaged. It is necessary that whatever technology you use, must compliment your brand and product. Using technology wisely will increase brand recall value.

3. Bespoke exhibition space design – An easy way to stand out in a pool of exhibitors is to invest in a bespoke exhibition stall design and fabrication. Bespoke of custom exhibition stalls have a unique and exclusive look which immediately attracts the attention of the audience. They are created specifically for your brand and embrace all the elements of the brand and the product. Bespoke exhibitions stands are exclusive and it is very unlikely that there will be a stand like yours in the show.

4. LED and Digital Lights – Any exhibition stand, stands-out with fancy lighting. LED and Digital lights help to enhance the appearance of your exhibition stand and get the attention of your audience. Backlit stands and banners also make the stand look fancier. LED lights are not only energy efficient but they also make your 3D stall design seem bigger and brighter.

5. Theme centric exhibition stalls – Based on your marketing plan and campaign, you can lock a theme for the show. Your exhibition stall is the main element that will reflect and communicate your theme to your target audience. Having a theme not only adds a fun element but also helps to increase brand recall value among your consumers.

6. Interactive Activities – Off late brands and companies are focusing on user-engagement and one way to ensure that is through interactive activities. Many stand builders and especially exhibition stall designers in Delhi are engaging their audience is fun activities such as games and quizzes. Make sure that the activities you chose to conduct in your exhibition stall help you promote your brand.

7. Social Media Engagement – An effective way to stay in trend and get in touch with your desired target group is through social media platforms. Social Media can be a good platform to invite and make your audience aware about the show or exhibition you are participating in. Once your audience is at your exhibition stall, you can ask them to tag your stand and brand in pictures posted on social media. Many brands install a photo-booth or a picture wall for audience to take pictures. This will give your brand and tremendous publicity and that too free of cost.

8. Tailor-made marketing strategy – Brands are not only customizing their exhibition stand design but also their entire marketing plan. Many brands are now investing on well researched marketing plans and campaigns. Study your target audience and research about their purchasing habits to understand their preference, based on this research, create a customized marketing plan with your executives to reap most benefits.

9. Appropriate staffing – If your exhibition stall is the face of your brand at an exhibition than your sales staff are your brand’s representatives. Recruitment of sales staff has gone through a stringent makeover over the period of years and in 2017 brands only hire sales persons with good communication skills and a confident personality. It is also crucial that you train your staff well and give them thorough knowledge about your brand and product.

10. Personal Touch – Another major trend of this year is to add a personal touch to your marketing activities. A ‘thank you note’ to your customers tell them know how important their visit was to you. Also giving out coupons to your clients ensures that your clients visit your stores. Adding a personal touch goes a long way to help retain your consumers.

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