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Something that has been an incessant buzz word in the technological and advanced world that we live in is, BTL activities. To make things simple, btl activities or promotions are a platform that helps your brand get to the top and reach a larger target audience. Being a new term in the brand activation arena, BTL activities can be just characterized as Below The Line advertising or activation, which is usually executed at a small scale. Nevertheless, brand activation or more precisely BTL activities and promotions can be an effective medium for garnering the untapped target customers for your brand.

Few years back the scenario was a little different than the current one. ATL activities or Above the Line marketing activities were the frontrunners while BTL activities remained a reliable source for building brand-consumer relationship. Today, when we look at it in a deeper sense, we observe that there is a larger avenue of BTL activities that can be explored further. The list of BTL activities consists of varied range of brand promotional and marketing activities that help in highlighting your brand.

Let us delve a little closer into the list of btl marketing activities to explain this promotional line better.

1. Mall activation or shopping mall marketing and promotions activities
2. Society activation
3. Brand activation or brand promotional activities
4. Rebates
5. Coupons
6. Trade-ins
7. Door-to-door selling’s
8. Free sampling and trial generation
9. Contests
10.Product demos
11.Sponsorships and promotional pricing

Apart from the above mentioned btl activities list, we can also count few other types of promotions as btl activities and these include exhibitions and trade shows. So once you get these btl activities list, you can decide on which one suits your specific requirements and needs. Give your brand the desired highlight through effective btl activation.

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